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Sam Fox grapples with AI changing the creative landscape

While people quickly integrated word-based generative artificial intelligence (AI) bots into their daily work and philosophical discussions about work, similar technology is raising major ethical and technical questions for academics and students involved in the art world.

, and | Staff Writer, Contributing Writer, Investigative News Editor

University offering resources and support — not policies — for AI in the classroom

This Fall Semester is slated to be one of trial and error for how generative AI, technology that mimics human-generated content, fits into education. Washington University has not implemented universal policies surrounding the use of AI technology, leaving it up to individual professors to decide how much to engage with it or limit its use. 

| Investigative News Editor

Faculty implements range of guidelines to address AI’s effect on academic integrity

This is the first full academic year for professors and students to contend with the academic integrity implications of generative AI.

| Investigative News Editor

Student Life Q&A with Chancellor Andrew Martin

Chancellor Andrew Martin sat down for an interview with Julia Robbins, the former Editor-in-Chief, on Tuesday, April 4 for his first Q&A with Student Life since 2018. Questions touched on the University’s investments in fossil fuels, how ChatGPT will affect the future of academia, and the University’s responses to sexual assault allegations. The Q&A has been edited for length and clarity. 

| Contributing Editor

University changes dining providers, looks to increase partnerships with minority owned businesses

Washington University is switching its dining provider from Bon Appetit Management Co. to Sodexo Food and Facilities Management, May 19.

| Editor-In-Chief

Researchers publish article rebuking allegations of malpractice at WUTC

A Washington University professor and UCLA researcher co-authored an article highlighting the importance of gender-affirming care for transgender youth as the University continues to investigate allegations of malpractice at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital (the Center), Feb. 24.

and | Senior News Editor and Editor in Chief

Letter from the Editor on “MO Attorney General investigating Transgender Center at WUSM”

Student Life will continue to cover issues that affect University and St. Louis community members’ daily lives, while recognizing the importance of reevaluating how we cover sensitive topics.

| Editor-in-Chief

Philip Dybvig, Professor and Nobel Prize winner, accused of inappropriate conduct

Two Chinese women have come forward with allegations that Olin Professor Philip Dybvig, the 2022 Economic Sciences Nobel Prize recipient, made them uncomfortable during their time as students at Washington University. 

| Editor-in-Chief

Thanks LaGuardia: A morning spent traveling to St. Louis

Senior Scene Editor Julia Robbins reflects on her journey from New York City to St. Louis

| Senior Scene Editor

New federal labor regulations and growing membership generate optimism among WUGWU members for formal unionization

The Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate Students Workers Union is undergoing a new surge of energy to be recognized as an official union by the University.

| News Editor

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