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Cadenza’s Spring Comedy Show wish list

Social Programming Board’s spring comedy show is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5, but the featured comedian is yet to be announced. Here’s a list of comedians Cadenza would love to see at Edison Theatre next month. Julie Klausner Julie Klausner is an author and comedian whose skewering of pop culture and celebrities would make her […]

Mitt Romney’s pre-existing Massachusetts condition

Last week on the Jay Leno Show, presidential candidate and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, while criticizing Obama’s comprehensive health care reform law, argued that those with preexisting conditions who have not previously had health care should not be entitled to coverage.

St. Louis fall concert preview

Tonight’s impending Tokyo Police Club concert got us here in Cadenza pretty excited, so instead of just telling you about it, we decided to throw together a fall concert preview. Here are some our most anticipated events. Tokyo Police Club – Short of failing to get a ticket, Wash. U. students have no excuse for […]

Cadenza Staff

5 most memorable Conan moments

5. The Run The cold open for the first episode begins with Conan reviewing his “To Do List.” Build Set? Check. Write Jokes? Check. Move to L.A.? He looks out his window to see the New York skyline. Crap. He can’t hail a cab, so he starts running from his old set to his new […]

The Conan saga

As an avid television viewer, I get a little too attached to my shows, and therefore, TV networks always have the ability to break my heart. For instance, ABC canceled three of my favorite shows in the same news release, and I haven’t really gotten over it yet. And I do not even work in the industry. So I cannot even imagine how Conan O’Brien feels.

| Cadenza TV Editor

The Leno leap (to primetime)

Man walking on the moon…the fall of the Berlin Wall…the premiere of The Jay Leno Show? Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t quite as monumental, but it’s revolutionary nonetheless. Late night television has always been just that—late at night—yet now one man has dared to cross over into that unknown realm of lore: primetime. […]

| Staff Columnist

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