WashU Graduate Workers Union protests University’s handling of sexual harassment cases

The Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate Workers Union (WUGWU) held a march through several buildings on the medical school campus against the University’s handling of sexual harassment and assault cases on Friday, March 31. 

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WU faculty, activists hopeful for change after Tishaura Jones inaugurated St. Louis mayor

Her plans range from criminal justice reforms to a more holistic approach to public health, impressing a variety of campus observers.

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Editor’s Note Episode 20: Proposed MO bill threatens protest

In this week’s episode, we explore what’s in a proposed Missouri law and what it would mean for student protesters.

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New federal labor regulations and growing membership generate optimism among WUGWU members for formal unionization

The Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate Students Workers Union is undergoing a new surge of energy to be recognized as an official union by the University.

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Why one activist organization has turned to social media during the pandemic

As the world has shifted online, so have the organizations working to make it a more equitable place. The Washington University Graduate and Undergraduate Workers Union (WUGWU) has changed their organizational structure and their advocacy to meet the unique demands of the pandemic.

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Responding to student backlash, WU adds third wellness day to spring calendar, moves up start date

After students objected to the replacement of Spring Break with two nonconsecutive “wellness days,” Washington University announced a revised spring calendar that included two consecutive wellness days and one additional wellness day, Dec. 3.

Orli Sheffey | Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 2: WUGWU takes to the streets

This week, we focus on our coverage of the Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate and Workers Union’s (WUGWU)’s recent Workers for Black Lives march in conversations with Student Life staffers and WUGWU members.

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‘Out of the classroom, into the streets’: WUGWU joins with other local organizations in call to change police contract

Chants of “No justice, no peace, no racist police,” could be heard last Thursday afternoon during a march led by the WashU Undergraduate & Graduate Workers Union calling for changes to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s collective bargaining process.

Julia Robbins | Staff Reporter

‘The University is out of time’: BLSA and WUGWU students frustrated by WU’s lack of answers

Chancellor Andrew Martin evaded questions about policing and other Washington University actions during a Friday virtual meeting organized by the Black Law Students Association and the Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate Workers Union.

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WU to support non-salaried workers as part of COVID-19 response

With non-salaried undergraduate, graduate and contract workers left unable to work at full capacity, Washington University administrators have committed to addressing their financial needs for the rest of the semester.

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