#2 women’s soccer breaks through late fighting #20 NYU for third-straight conference win

With the victory, WashU handed the Violets their second loss of the season in a closely fought game, dropping them to 1-1 in University Athletic Association (UAA) conference play and bringing the Bears to 3-0. 

and | Contributing Reporter and Sports Editor

‘We’re out there looking for the best people in the world’: WashU’s race and ethnicity cluster hire continues

After four faculty members were recruited or promoted in the first round of Washington University’s race and ethnicity cluster hire initiative, the second round is well under way as the University continues pushing toward its goal to build a world class research program on race.

| Contributing Writer

Planned Parenthood expands, opens Illinois clinic near St. Louis

Various student groups and faculty members reacted positively to news that Planned Parenthood (PP) opened a new facility in Fairview Heights, Ill., 15 miles from the Missouri border.

| Senior News Editor

To all women: Thank you

A good rule of thumb would be to not say anything you wouldn’t say to a woman in your family, but an uncomfortable amount of people say these horrible things, even to those women closest to them.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Physics department looks to add female faculty

In the 13 years that Mark Alford has been the chair of Washington University’s physics department, few women have held a tenured or tenure-track professorship. Currently, that number is zero.

| Senior News Editor

Women: are we human… or are we objects?

The other day, some friends and I were indulging in the shallow yet ever-intriguing topic of attractive celebrities. As the girls at the table listed off attractive older male movie stars (George Clooney, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, etc.), I was surprised to find that my male friends failed to name even one older female celebrity who they found attractive.

Hannah Lacava | Class 2017

Fraud alert: I am not a woman

“Women aren’t women anymore,” at least according to Suzanne Venker. In a Fox News article not-so-subtly titled “The War on Men,” Venker argues that women “have been raised to think of men as the enemy.

Editorial Cartoon

Women in politics

Tuesday, Nov. 8, Missouri will hold special elections in four districts. Nine candidates are running, among them, four are women. In the most recent Student Union elections on our campus, women nearly achieved parity: Women secured four of the 10 Treasury positions and three of the eight College of Arts & Sciences Senator positions.

| Scene Reporter

‘The Vagina Monologues’ challenges social norms

By presenting dramatic, emotional, humorous and honest accounts of real women across the globe, the actors in Vagina Monologues hope to encourage audience members to have more open conversations about female sexuality and to feel secure enough in their own sexualities to speak about sex and vaginas in an honest, and even celebratory, way.

| Senior Scene Editor

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