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An insider’s guide to senior trip in Kansas City

You had your weekend in Chicago—complete with booze cruise and Instagrammed pictures with the Bean—all planned out, and then you heard the news: the senior trip is in Kansas City, Mo., this year. Fortunately, Student Life’s got you covered with a must-see list of destinations no matter your tastes.

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Women’s tennis wins two conference bouts leading up to UAAs

Powering through 20-plus mile-per-hour winds and a match cancellation due to rain, the Washington University women’s tennis team picked up wins over Case Western Reserve University and the No. 12 University of Chicago in a series of matches over the weekend.

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Beads, booze and boobs for noobs: The comprehensive guide to navigating Mardi Gras

With revised weather forecasts calling for temperatures in the mid-40s and almost zero chance of rain, you have no reason to miss this year’s Mardi Gras festivities. Sure, you may have midterms, but finals count for more of your grade anyway. And when you’re 30, do you really want your only memories of Wash. U. […]

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What happens when you loan a frontman your common room: A one-night adventure with Chadwick Stokes

When Chadwick Stokes comes over to your apartment, he brings more than his set list.

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Chill Frozen Yogurt closes down weeks shy of fourth anniversary

The frozen yogurt station at Paws & Go may see a surge in business this spring. Chill Frozen Yogurt, located southwest of campus on Wydown Boulevard, will be closing its doors on March 2.

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“I blame the extended recruitment period.”

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From A to Zzzzzs: The finals guide to sleeping on campus

Reading week is drawing to a close, but that awful, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is welling up in full force.

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Editorial Cartoon: Got milk?

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Editorial Cartoon: The Vomitorium

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Editorial Cartoon: Waitressing

“2 a.m. during midterms is as good of a time as any to contemplate a career in waitressing.”

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