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Brownies, lawns and music: A freshman’s dive into entrepreneurship

Freshman CraigAnthony Moore runs a business of baking, lawn care and DJ-ing.

| Contributing Writer

‘They could have put that money into better things that would have been more useful as students dealt with COVID’: Administration opts to take down the South 40 tent

The South 40 tent, designed to provide students a sheltered, well-ventilated work and dining space, has been taken down after being deemed unnecessary by administrators.

| Staff Reporter

‘It’s kind of my journey on the way of adulting’: How freshmen who spent the fall semester at home have adjusted to an in-person spring

For freshmen who had attended classes remotely for their first semester of college, getting a first look at campus wasn’t something done in short sleeves and T-shirts, but rather under the many layers of clothing necessary for the bitter St. Louis conditions of mid-January.

| Staff Writer

From behind the plexiglass: The people who make up the Bear’s Den

No matter how many booths are blocked off by blue tape, the people who make BD what it is are still there.

and | Staff Writers

Shoeless and shivering: Freshmen share their fire alarm blunders

Seeing students gathered outside of a building during a fire alarm––some without coats, some without shoes, some half asleep––is a common sight on the South 40. Because of COVID-19 and online classes, students have spent more time in their rooms, increasing the likelihood that they may need to evacuate their building due to a fire alarm. Four freshmen share fire alarm stories from their time on the South 40.

| Staff Writer

New Year’s resolutions for a second semester in the pandemic

With one semester under my belt, I did a little reflecting on how it went. Now, I consider myself a seasoned sailor of the COVID-infested waters that at some points, I’ll admit, made me a little nauseous. I’m learning to steer my metaphorical boat more smoothly.

| Staff Writer

Keyless journeys: This semester’s best dorm lock-out stories

Four freshmen, each with their own unique lock-out experience, share their stories from the fall 2020 semester.

| Staff Writer

As WU temporarily suspends indoor dining, South 40 residents say goodbye to dining in BD

Following the St. Louis County Health Department’s decision to restrict indoor and outdoor dining, all indoor dining was closed on Washington University’s Danforth Campus, Nov. 16.

Gabby Hyman | Staff Reporter

Virtual bingo and 1000-person group chats: How WU freshmen are finding creative ways to meet

In a time where we have all been asked to balance safety and socializing, perhaps no one has felt the strain of this task more than the University’s freshmen.

| Contributing Writer

Local artists bring social justice art to South 40 Underpass

A different kind of welcome message greeted new students at the South 40 Underpass this year.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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