Former FTC Chief Technologist outlines better user privacy policies

Dr. Lorrie Cranor, Former Chief Technologist for the Federal Trade Commision (FTC), former undergrad and graduate student at WashU, and current Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor, discussed her proposals for user friendly privacy policies on Friday, Oct. 13.

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Break-in at Shepley dorm; four non-WashU individuals facing charges

After an incident occurred at Shepley House at 12:13 a.m. on Monday, four individuals who are not affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis are facing pending criminal charges.  

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New lock system installed in Zetcher House elicits mixed reactions from students

Zetcher House became the first dorm on campus to install the Homebase lock system, which unlocks suite and room doors via an app instead of a key card. 

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New wristband policy aimed at addressing Sumers Recreation security concerns

Washington University’s Sumers Recreation Center is now requiring gym-goers to wear disposable wristbands on random days inside the facility to address mounting security concerns. The initiative went into effect as of March 25. 

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Attempted armed robbery reported at 6300 block of McPherson Avenue

A Washington University faculty member and his wife were walking down McPherson Avenue when a male subject passed them, turned around and displayed a handgun.

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Op-ed: Off-campus student safety is not a priority

With the recent string of armed robberies occurring near Washington University’s Danforth Campus, I started to ask myself why they were happening.

Daniel Pefley | Class of 2019

Late enforcement of ID-only policy leads to security concerns

Following early morning concerns about security on campus, police and security forces were posted at most campus entrances to check identification and credentials, but bolstered security presence and barricades did not prove entirely effective come post-debate.

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Late enforcement of ID-only policy leads to security concerns

Despite an established protocol meant to only allow credentialed individuals and those with Washington University IDs on campus today, many non-approved individuals from the surrounding area arrived on campus Sunday morning without a security check.

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Editorial Cartoon: NSA Leaks

| Student Life

CGI U security to have limited effect on campus

Despite the number of important figures and out-of-town delegates arriving at Washington University this weekend for the Clinton Global Initiative University conference, the campus will not see noticeable security differences or road restrictions.

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