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Author Heather McGhee gives lecture refuting the American ‘zero-sum’ mindset

Heather McGhee, a New York Times bestselling author and policy advocate, gave a lecture titled “The Sum of Us: Moving Beyond the Myth of Equity as a Zero-Sum Game” in Graham Chapel on Feb. 1.

and | Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

WashU Law reviews racial redlining

Colin Gordon, professor of history at the University of Iowa, delivered a talk on his new book, “Patchwork Apartheid: Private Restriction, Racial Segregation, and Urban Inequality,” in the Bryan Cave Law School Moot Courtroom on Monday, Nov. 6.

and | Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

The Department of Psychology & Brain Sciences holds an inaugural lecture on the psychological role of race in the Black experience

The Washington University Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences hosted Professor Robert Sellers from the University of Michigan as the speaker for the inaugural Robert L. Williams Lecture on Oct. 23. The lecture was a part of the University’s efforts to honor Williams’ legacy after his death on Aug. 12, 2020.


Dr. Khiara Bridges talks to first-years about race, reproductive justice, law

Dr. Khiara Bridges — professor, lawyer, and author — spoke to Washington University members about race, class, reproductive rights, and the intersection of the three during a keynote lecture as part of the Anthropology Department’s First-Year Ampersand Program “Medicine and Society,” Oct. 4.  After graduating from Spelman College, Bridges received her J.D. from Columbia Law […]

| Contributing Writer

AAVE and learning to speak like yourself

Because I was Black, I thought using AAVE was fine. I had as much a claim to these words as anyone else. But that wasn’t my voice.

| Senior Forum Editor

Unpacking the true meaning of ‘white basketball’

It’s hard to ward off the feeling that “white basketball” is the manifestation of the same racial categorizations that kept black players from playing quarterback in the NFL. 

| Senior Sports Editor

Why I don’t want increased policing on or near campus

Sure, these people are meant to protect civilians, but what do you do when you fear those who are supposed to protect you?

| Staff Writer

WU-SLam poets perform in first scored event of the year

From goth culture to police brutality, spousal abuse, anxiety and saving the planet by falling in love, WU-SLam poets immortalized experiences and circumstance in spoken word this past Friday; the lighthearted and the severe, the mundane and the momentous. This event was the first scored slam of the year put on by WU-SLam.

Ellie Ito | Contributing Writer

Letter from the editor

The decision to capitalize Black comes from the expertise and advocacy of academics, activists and linguists. Black is not purely a descriptor, but an identity group as well.

| Editor-in-Chief

WU to launch Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity

Washington University will establish a Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity in fall 2019.

In an announcement during the fifth annual “Day of Discovery, Dialogue & Action,” Chancellor-elect Andrew Martin announced the launch of a university-wide center, which will promote interdisciplinary research on race and ethnicity.

| Staff Reporter

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