Q&A with the incoming Editors-in-Chief

Student Life sat down with the incoming Editors-in-Chiefs to talk briefly about their thoughts on journalism and their goals for the upcoming year. Nina Giraldo (NG) formerly served as Senior News Editor and Avi Holzman (AH) formerly served as Managing News Editor. Their tenure started on April 1.

| Editor-in-Chief 2022-23

Asking my gynecologist mom your sex questions

A couple of weeks ago, Student Life sent out a form for students to anonymously ask their sexual and reproductive health questions to a gynecologist. For this year’s Sex Issue, I wanted to give people a place to ask these questions, so I called my mom, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Jody Steinauer.

| Senior Forum Editor

Admissions reacts to Supreme Court affirmative action decision, updates application

Student Life sat down with Grace Chapin James, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, to unpack how the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule affirmative action will impact future classes at Washington University. 

| Editor-in-Chief

Student Life Q&A with Emily Chen, Student Union President

  Emily Chen, current Student Union (SU) President, sat down for an interview with Avi Holzman, StudLife’s Managing News Editor, following last Friday’s release of the SU Executive Board’s term-goals document. The discussion ranged from SU’s relationship to student groups to internal changes, advocacy, and goals for the upcoming year. The Q&A has been edited […]

| Managing News Editor

Crowded cubicle concerts: Non-Euclidean Geometry 

Washington University is lucky to host one of the top-ranked mathematical-system-contrarian bands, Non Euclidean Geometry — and Student Life was even more fortunate to get to talk to them about their music.

| Chief of Copy

Thinking about going abroad? Hear from students who just returned from overseas

Four WashU students who have just returned from their overseas programs shared stories of their adventures with Student Life — just in time for current sophomores to start deciding on their abroad excursions. 

and | Contributing writers

Avoiding World War III: WU National Security Historian Analyzes the War in Ukraine

Last spring, in the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Professor Knapp sat down with StudLife to break down the conflict from both a historical and intelligence perspective. Now, eight months later, Knapp returns with an update.

| Junior Sports Editor

Center for Diversity and Inclusion speaks to best practices for clubs

With the Activities Fair comes an influx of new club members, and with new members comes tha age-old question: how do clubs make sure they are inclusive of everyone who wants to join?

| Managing Scene Editor

The Banksys of the South 40: Chalk artists add positivity to campus

This past Tuesday, Student Life sat down conversation with David Massey, one of the artists behind the sidewalk chalk art that has been periodically appearing on the stairs of the South 40.

Josie Robinson | Staff Writer

Q&A: Patrick Stickles seeks mutual validation through music

Patrick Stickles is the lead singer and songwriter of Titus Andronicus, a punk band from New Jersey that makes music that is big, loud and anthemic, recalling both an era when rock music defined popular culture and the independent bands, like Husker Du and the Replacements, that chafed against its commercial impulses. In anticipation of the band’s March 15 show with Craig Finn at Off Broadway, Stickles spoke with Student Life about the band’s intentions for “The Most Lamentable Tragedy” and beyond.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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