Crowded cubicle concerts: Non-Euclidean Geometry 

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Washington University is lucky to host one of the top-ranked mathematical-system-contrarian bands, Non Euclidean Geometry — and Student Life was even more fortunate to get to talk to them about their music. The band is composed of juniors Spencer Kates, Henry Windish, Gabe Hamburg, and Maeve McFadden on vocals, guitar, bass, and saxophone, respectively. Their sole sophomore Evan Quigley is on drums. The band holds down the indie rock scene not only on campus, but also in the larger St. Louis community. 

Student Life: How did you all come to be a band? How did you guys meet? 

Spencer Kates: Some of us met at a jam sesh fall of 2021 through Performing Musicians Resource Group (PMRG), but Gabe was acquired later on. I did a KWUR week freshman year by myself that wasn’t good, but they invited me to a house show later on, and I decided to get a band together. I got Evan and Henry for that, but we needed a bassist, so we picked up Gabe. January of this past year, we were writing a song that had saxophone in it, so we asked Maeve to play with us, and we didn’t let her leave. 

SL: How would you describe the type of music you play, and what musicians are you inspired by? 

SK: I write a lot of my music based on my personal inspirations, and then the rest of the band listens to other stuff and brings it to our music, so it really impacts what our sound is. I love how it’s just an amalgamation of different genres and influences, but at the end of the day, it’s still just indie rock. 

Maeve McFadden: Spencer shared Wendy Wander with me. Their vibes are very similar to the music that we play. 

SK: Puma Blue, King Krule, Steely Dan. 

Evan Quigley: It’s like that one song that Drake did with Deftones. I can’t remember what it is called, but it’s been really influential, and I’ve grown as a musician because of it. 

Gabe Hamburg: I listen to a lot of Voltech, which isn’t like the music we make, but it informs my playing. 

MM: Yeah that’s how I feel about my music interest too. A lot of jazz influences how I play sax lines. 

Henry Windish: I feel like a lot of the guitar forward indie bands like Dinosaur Junior, Peach Pit, or Built to Spill influence my playing, and I try to emulate them. 

SL: How has WashU influenced or supported your band? 

HW: Through WashU, we were lucky enough this past year to get set up with some shows outside the WashU community, reaching a broader audience. It’s been a fun change of pace playing for the general St. Louis music scene. Also, me and Spencer were in a songwriting class together which was a great opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other in a more formalized setting. 

SK: Also our gear. Nearly all of it is owned by WashU. Performing Musicians Resource Group has been a huge help for us and other musicians so we don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on gear. We wouldn’t be able to play shows if we didn’t have the drum kit they provided. 

SL: What is your favorite song in general or song to perform? Are they different songs? 

EQ: I like “Text Me Back” a lot. It’s the one we do the most with. 

SL: I can definitely tell that’s a favorite. I recently went to [your] new album concert and could easily feel the great energy between the band members. You guys really seem to be having fun with each other, which is super important [for] creating a good crowd and boosting general concert morale. 

MM: Yeah, we worked really hard on this album, and we are glad it’s finally out for people to enjoy. As much as it’s for the public, it’s also nice to see our hard work culminate into a more official and cohesive product. 

Although the band is losing Kates because of a study abroad, they are eager to experiment with an altered version of the group. Check out the band’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Also, listen to their new album “Into the Midnight” on all streaming platforms. For more information and access to their Linktree, check out their instagram page @noneuclideangeometry. 


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