President Obama

End the Cuban embargo, end an era of hostile relations

I participated in a study abroad program in the capital city of Havana last summer—it was crazy to be one of the few Americans there. It was even crazier to experience the culture and politics firsthand (albeit to a much, much lesser extent) and separate it from the negative stereotypes and assumptions many Americans hold of Cuba.

| Staff Writer

Mr. Wrighton goes to Washington

Though he was disappointed President Barack Obama didn’t find time to shake his hand, Chancellor Mark Wrighton’s audience with the leader of the free world was not a complete loss.

| Staff Reporter

The Ivory Soapbox–Shake up the debates

Two debates have been held in the run-up to the Nov. 6 elections, one between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and one between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.

The dangers of the Keystone Pipeline

This weekend, 35 Washington University students went to Washington, D.C. to join with other protestors in forming a ring around the White House. They were protesting the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would connect the Canadian tar sands to oil refineries in Okla. and Texas.

Obama’s new student loan initiative to take effect in 2012

President Barack Obama announced a government program intended to help college students manage their student loans and debt, as well as reduce their monthly payments last week. The new “Pay As You Earn” program, which will take effect next year, will reduce the interest rates many students pay on loans, and waive their loans after 20 years of maintaining payments.

| Contributing Reporter

Shouting at the President

Last Tuesday, two members of Green Action attended a fundraiser for President Obama at which they interrupted him during a speech, questioning him about his future plans for the Keystone XL pipeline.

The elephants in the room: The growing minority in the Republican Party

Following an electoral victory with heated rhetoric aimed at reducing the national debt and returning to constitutional government, the Republican Party seems unwilling to seriously address America’s problems. “The Party of No” once again seems incapable of leading. That is, some Republicans are incapable of leading.

| Staff Columnist

Obama stresses education to solidify America’s future

President Obama on Tuesday pushed for widespread improvements to the nation’s education system in laying out his vision for improving the country’s future and keeping the economy competitive with growing global powers.

| Enterprise Editor

Pretending to be President Obama?

Jeff Nelson’s unstated campaign to become the Wash. U. version of President Barack Obama is off to a great start.

| Forum Editor

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