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University looks into providing video courses online

As many top-tier universities begin to integrate their educational systems with the digital age, Washington University is undergoing research to design video courses that can closely reflect the classroom experience. Provost Ed Macias described the University’s possible venture into online courses as one of experimentation. “While there have been lots of experiments and lots of […]

Wi-fi installed off campus, improved on campus

Washington University students living both on and off campus will experience changes to Internet access as a result of new changes put into effect by Washington University’s Information Services and Technology team. Included in the team’s fall semester upgrades is the addition of wireless Internet access in the school’s off-campus residential apartments.

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Study finds reduced caloric intake leads to a healthier heart

Heart health may seem like a faraway issue for college students, but it turns out that the time to start watching your diet may be sooner than you think.

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Pursuing a ban on disposable bags

A student-led effort to remove plastic bags from the Danforth campus has expanded to involve multiple Washington University offices and an online petition circulating among students.

University names alumna new Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs

Washington University announced that native St. Louisan Jill Friedman will be the new vice chancellor for public affairs, effective Jan. 1. She will succeed Fred Volkmann, who retired in September after 31 years at the University.

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Obama’s new student loan initiative to take effect in 2012

President Barack Obama announced a government program intended to help college students manage their student loans and debt, as well as reduce their monthly payments last week. The new “Pay As You Earn” program, which will take effect next year, will reduce the interest rates many students pay on loans, and waive their loans after 20 years of maintaining payments.

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