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A call for more regulation

In an act of unusual brilliance this week, the U.S. Senate passed the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, a law to bar members of Congress and their staff from acting on private information in regards to trading financial stocks.

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The family man?

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s surge in the past week can be largely attributed to his rise in support from evangelical Christians. Surprisingly, the former speaker of the House of Representatives shares few of their key values.

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Occupy’s misguided solution

As the Occupy movement enters its second month, it has undoubtedly grown in size and numbers. Once ignored by the media, Occupy activities now dominate front pages and news programs throughout the country, a testament both to the frustration across the country as well as the message to help the “99 percent.”

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Increase quality, not price of citizenship

For the price we pay, we expect a great deal of benefits from the University. For the most part, the school delivers. But imagine if Washington University consisted of unresponsive teachers, poor job placement, fewer services, and unnecessary departments that yielded little benefit to students. And, on top of that, they asked for a substantial tuition increase.

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The elephants in the room: The growing minority in the Republican Party

Following an electoral victory with heated rhetoric aimed at reducing the national debt and returning to constitutional government, the Republican Party seems unwilling to seriously address America’s problems. “The Party of No” once again seems incapable of leading. That is, some Republicans are incapable of leading.

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Obama’s blunder in the Middle East

While the civil war in Libya is a humanitarian crisis, it is not in the interest of the United States to intervene militarily or economically in the situation. The country poses no immediate or even remote threat to American interests, and our involvement is sure to cost more than we can afford and lead to severe, unintended consequences.

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The problem of buying local

As I take a sip of Schlafly in between bites of Imo’s pizza, I’m reminded of the quality products St. Louis has to offer. Sure, these products might cost a bit more than the national brand, but I prefer them and don’t mind paying a premium. In fact, I don’t mind paying more for any local goods and services since I’m receiving a better value.

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Unwilling to budge(t)

Amid the heated rhetoric by both sides of the protests in Wisconsin, it’d be easy to miss the bipartisanship taking place in Washington that President Obama called for in his State of the Union Address.

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The American pharaoh

As of today, protestors continue to flood the streets of Egypt demanding the removal of thirty year “President” Hosni Mubarak. The 82 year-old ruler’s response has been dissolving the government (except himself), releasing his thugs upon the protestors, and stating that he won’t run again in September. Mubarak further enflamed Egyptians by stating last week that if he stepped down as leader, the country would sink into chaos.

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Don’t point fingers at China

A distant nation with a growing population, booming economy, and hardworking labor force is threatening to remove the United States from atop its economic throne. The hysteria and fear aimed at China comes from American policymakers unwilling to accept due criticism of their own decisions.

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