Breaking the Olin bubble: A tour of the University libraries

When I came back to Wash. U. this year, I knew I only had a limited amount of time before I trapped myself in a new narrow path. So I decided to be intentional and informed when building my routine. Specifically, I decided to try studying in each of the 10 libraries on the Danforth Campus to figure out which was genuinely the best study spot.

| Senior Editor

Which of the many WU libraries is the best choice for you?

Varying in size and setting, Washington University is blessed with an assortment of amazing libraries all around campus. The real problem for students becomes how to decide which library to study in.

Tom Ratts | Contributing Writer

No Whispers, no problem

It’s a shame that the ongoing construction at Olin Library has forced the closing of Whispers Cafe this semester, but don’t worry: You still don’t actually have to leave the library to get sustenance. Here is your complete guide to whipping up a delicious five-course gourmet meal using items available for purchase in the Olin Library vending machines.

Grace Haselhorst | Contributing Writer

‘Recovering the Classics’: A look at Olin Library’s exclusive pop-up exhibit

It’s Friday afternoon, but instead of bright sunshine heralding a warm end of the week, it’s overcast with a sizeable amount of water cascading down to dampen everyone’s spirits. However, the inside of John M. Olin Library is tad more lively, with a colorfully diverse amount of artwork of newly designed covers for books older than Washington University itself arranged neatly around the first floor on pop-up stands.

Scott Lu | Contributing Reporter

Olin extends 24-hour service to five days a week

Based on the results of its pilot program from last year, Olin Library will now be open 24 hours a day for five days a week instead of four. Student feedback led the library to test out 24/4 hours from 10 a.m. Sunday morning to 2 a.m. Friday morning last year.

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A unique opportunity: Wash. U.’s rare book collection

When I opened the Gutenberg Bible, the oldest book in both the library and the Western world, I was hit with a sense of reverence; a sense that I was looking at something that changed the world. This is first-hand learning in it’s purest form, and it’s what attracted 50 classes to the Rare Books Collection last year.

Ted Sorota | Scene Writer

New university librarian hopes to bring technological resources, expertise to campus

With previous experience working at museums and various archives, Jeffrey Trzeciak hopes to bring something new to Washington University’s library system when he assumes the job of head librarian come July.

Head librarian Baker to retire after 23 years

She doesn’t go around shushing people or wear horn-rimmed glasses, but Shirley Baker has been the face of Washington University’s libraries since 1989. This June, she will be retiring, handing the job off to Jeffrey Trzeciak, the University Librarian of McMaster University in Canada.

Library to offer locks for laptops

Olin Library will soon take steps to prevent laptop burglary by making laptop locks available for checkout. After last year’s spike in laptop thefts from the library, former Student Union Senator senior Eric Schwartz has been working with the library administration to find a solution to this problem.

| Contributing Reporter

We get it, we’re nerds: Olin should have better hours

Everyone knows we work hard. And everyone knows that we all could use some time to chill out a little bit. But does that mean the University should mandate that we take a break from our studies at a certain hour?

| Staff Editorial

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