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Despite COVID-19 restrictions, RAs work to build community

The obstacles to normal residential life for underclassmen are an ever-present concern for their RAs, who are working to make their residents’ year memorable in the best way.

| Staff Writer

Too Many Zooz and Birocratic tear up Off Broadway

Too Many Zooz’ set at Off Broadway was one of the most energetic and technically challenging performances I have ever seen.

| Staff Writer

The band behind Brasshouse: A conversation with Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz formed in the New York subway system and recently blew up as a result of a viral video, the band will perform at Off Broadway Friday, Feb. 7.

| Staff Writer

The best people I know all play Dungeons and Dragons

So when I say most of my close friends play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), it’s not because there’s a personality type or positive value I associate with the game (that’s for another article). It’s because, if they’ve talked to me about D&D or whatever their particular niche interest is, it’s indicative of a trait that truly creates good friendships and relationships: direct communication.

| Senior Editor

Fifteen years of backrubs: Stressbusters creator Jordan Friedman visits campus

Over a dozen Washington University undergraduate and graduate students attended training to become Stressbusters volunteers Saturday, Sept. 28. Stressbusters are mental health ambassadors for the Habif Health and Wellness Center, best known for providing free five-minute backrubs at multiple on-campus events and in Olin Library during finals season each semester.

| Senior Editor

Breaking the Olin bubble: A tour of the University libraries

When I came back to Wash. U. this year, I knew I only had a limited amount of time before I trapped myself in a new narrow path. So I decided to be intentional and informed when building my routine. Specifically, I decided to try studying in each of the 10 libraries on the Danforth Campus to figure out which was genuinely the best study spot.

| Senior Editor

A cappella groups as told by their setlists: More Fools Than Wise

On Saturday evening, April 20, More Fools Than Wise took the stage in Holmes Lounge–quite literally, as they brought an actual stage into the event space. The show, titled ‘Words of Wisdom,’ celebrated the chamber music ensemble’s 11th year of performing and recognized the group’s graduating seniors.

| Staff Writer

Running should be socially acceptable transportation

Our unwillingness to run in public is not necessarily problematic, but I want to draw attention to the benefits of which we are unknowingly depriving ourselves.

| Staff Writer

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