Can Professors Tell ChatGPT Papers From Student Papers?

Amidst the growing debate over AI’s role in the classroom, Student Life’s Managing Multimedia Editor, Sanchali Pothuru, and Multimedia Editor, Mireya Coffman, join three professors, Tarrell Campbell, Konstantina Kiousis, and Guy Genin, to see if they can distinguish between student essays and ChatGPT-generated content.

and | Managing Multimedia Editor and Multimedia Editor

Washington University launches its own version of ChatGPT

Washington University released its own secure version of ChatGPT for free use by all University students, faculty, and staff, Dec. 19, 2023.

| Staff Writer

University offering resources and support — not policies — for AI in the classroom

This Fall Semester is slated to be one of trial and error for how generative AI, technology that mimics human-generated content, fits into education. Washington University has not implemented universal policies surrounding the use of AI technology, leaving it up to individual professors to decide how much to engage with it or limit its use. 

| Investigative News Editor

Understanding artificial intelligence: use it, don’t abuse it.

This year’s freshman class will have the unique opportunity of being the first to go through college with artificial intelligence programs at their fingertips for all four years.

| Junior Forum Editor

ChatGPT made my Hinge profile…here’s what happened.

Is it a violation of the code of conduct on Hinge if my profile was created by ChatGPT, even if everything on it is true? Is that catfishing? How will people respond?

| Junior Forum Editor

Faculty implements range of guidelines to address AI’s effect on academic integrity

This is the first full academic year for professors and students to contend with the academic integrity implications of generative AI.

| Investigative News Editor

Chat GPT sparks concern and hope for professors

Chat GPT, an advanced artificial intelligence interface that can generate essay responses, solve mathematical equations, and more, is changing the field of academia and education. 

| Junior News Editor

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