Your First 40 freak-outs: Food to-do list

| Senior Scene Editor

While nothing can replace your mom’s cooking, certain foods in St. Louis are not to be missed. There are just as many cuisines in proximity to campus as there are unique cultures represented among the student body. From Afghani to Korean to Mexican, we’ve got it all within walking distance. College, my friends, is about exploring more than just academic interests. I promise that you will remember the times you got lost with your friends or did something arguably stupid more vividly than any experiment you did in Organic Chemistry lab. So grab a friend and go explore the gastronomic delights in our area.

On campus:

The gooey butter bar

Though this St. Louis delicacy is comprised mostly of (you guessed it) butter, cream cheese and sugar, on those rare, indulgent occasions, it cannot be beat. Landing somewhere in ambiguity between cookie, cake and bar, this local fare is available throughout campus at the Cherry Tree Cafe, Cafe Bergson and the Whispers Cafe. It’s just the thing to drive away the blues after several hours in Olin Library.

The Carvery wraps

Despite the line at rush hour, everyone needs to get on board for the Carvery wraps, which are probably the best lunch available on campus. The Carvery meats are delicious, and the Holmes Lounge surroundings make you feel collegiate and productive, even if you’re watching Netflix between classes.

Chicken and waffles

Nothing says late night like fried food. But better than the legendary half-and-half or the prized mozzarella sticks are the chicken and waffles available in the Village. Save vegetables for the daytime and stop in for the ultimate indulgence on your way back from going out with your friends. You won’t regret it, at least until the morning.

Village brunch

As a freshman, I did not discover the wonders of Village brunch until near the end of my first semester. Unlike the flat rate you pay at Bear’s Den, which makes you feel like you have to eat your weight to get your money’s worth, you pay per item at the Village. I would also like to note that the berries are not just displayed but are actually available to purchase here. I’ve always been confused by the beautiful displays of fruit that are just for show in Bear’s Den.

The Delmar Loop:

Piccione’s cannolis

As a Southern girl, these were my first introduction to this classic East Coast treat, so they may not be the best in the world and I wouldn’t know. However, they are fabulous and you should get one. If cannolis aren’t your favorite, pretty much everything Piccione Pastries bakes is delicious. Also note: the bakery makes gluten-free cannolis.

Mission Taco’s carne asada fries

All praise for this sinfully delicious cross between nachos and fries. I have yet to encounter a human being who fails to moan when enjoying these. What’s not to like? It’s steak, fries, cheese, guacamole and salsa—basically all you need.

U-City Grill

This one-man-operated restaurant on the Loop is a true gem. The Korean food is as authentic as it comes, but it’s by no means intimidating. I recommend starting with the rice bowl if you’re a newcomer to the cuisine. While the atmosphere leaves much to be desired, the best food comes from home-cooking dives.

Seoul Taco

While I initially winced at this fusion concept, the food is exceptional. This place is everything a college student could want: filling but inexpensive, quick, delicious and within walking distance. There are only a few menu items, and you can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

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