Rise in off-campus bike, car theft leads to WUPD safety notices

Theft has increased substantially in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood directly bordering Washington University’s Danforth Campus over the past year.

| Contributing Reporter

Loop Trolley construction puts strain on small businesses, prompting fight for survival

The Delmar Loop, a popular stretch of commercial blocks near the Washington University campus that draws crowds from all areas of the city, has experienced significant change in the past several years. Its latest phase of change, however, has local business owners wary of their future on the Loop.

| News Editor

Trolley invokes nostalgia, trivializes everything else

“F— this trolley,” a friend said as we turned onto Delmar from Skinker, passing cars practically scraping side mirrors. The five lanes of Delmar have been condensed to two as construction for the coming Loop trolley makes its way down the street.

Clark Randall | Staff Writer

New candy store “fizzing” up the Loop with a retro flair

When visiting the Loop, one is likely to see more fellow students than local area residents. However, a new addition to the district’s shopping offerings, franchised candy shop Rocket Fizz, bridges the gap between the transplanted young’uns and local folk looking to reminisce.

| Staff Writer

Your First 40 freak-outs: Food to-do list

While nothing can replace your mom’s cooking, certain foods in St. Louis are not to be missed. There are just as many cuisines in proximity to campus as there are unique cultures represented among the student body.

| Senior Scene Editor

A trip to the Loop’s annual Ice Carnival

A few hours past noon, the air had already turned several of the sculptures into drizzling rocks of ice; what remained were only slight resemblances to their original subjects.

Shilpa Iyyer | Contributing Reporter

The need for self-defense on the Loop

I live north of the Loop in University Terrace. It’s an area known for its elevated crime rate, and recently, worried about the safety of myself and those I care about, I purchased a 2,500 KV “defense flashlight.” I believe it to be a great investment, and I think all students who live north of the Loop should similarly equip themselves.

| Staff Columnist

Locals express optimism and some concerns about Wash. U.’s rising influence on the Loop

Washington University is planning an $80 million student-housing project on the Delmar Loop, and while it has stirred up some controversy among locals who are concerned about the University’s institutional community impact, most appear to be generally in favor of the changes.

Zero-tolerance policy returns to Loop following violence, mobs last month

One day after guns were fired on the Delmar Loop two Saturdays ago, the mayors of St. Louis and University City, their respective police chiefs and other city representatives, met with Washington University representation at the Moonrise Hotel to discuss Loop security. University City and St.

Wash. U. construction on Delmar should hold weekend’s events a stark reminder

Saturday night at around 9 p.m., the police broke up a massive fight on the Delmar Loop and closed off large sections of Delmar Boulevard. Later, at around 11 p.m., shots were fired at the corner of Delmar and Skinker Boulevards, near Church’s Chicken. While no Wash. U.

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