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How to relax: A type-A guide to the break

erhaps the most common affliction of the Washington University student is sleep deprivation. There can be complications of this condition such as impaired decision-making, poor memory, weeping and anhedonia. But a pre-med assured me she knows how to treat this illness: the only cure is Winter Break.

| Senior Scene Editor

Freshman freak-outs: Winter gear

The temperature has officially plunged, leading me to question whether or not “in St. Louis” should be exchanged for “in the North Pole.” For many hardened northeasterners, this is what is to be expected. But as an expatriate of the South, I found this time of year to be quite the surprise as a freshman. I discovered what real winter was.

| Senior Scene Editor

Spend Thanksgiving on campus: A guide

While many students are counting the days until they head home, it is important to remember that not everyone on campus will be traveling home this Thanksgiving. Many students choose to save their money given the shortness of the break, where it doesn’t make sense for some students to make the trek home for just a few days.

| Senior Scene Editor

Massage the right side of your brain: Ways to get creative and de-stress

It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things about school, but getting in touch with your creativity can really boost your energy level. Presumably, you’re here because you love learning. Here are some ways to reinvigorate yourself out of the mid-semester slump by tapping into your creative flow.

| Senior Scene Editor

A hypochondriac’s guide to cold and flu season

They say you’re not paranoid if it’s true. Well, in my case, I can assure you that I am in fact very sickly. While you were playing with blocks in kindergarten, I was at home with a fun case of walking pneumonia.

| Senior Scene Editor

Fine literature: A tasting menu

When you have as much reading to do as the average Washington University student, it’s easy to completely let pleasure reading fall by the wayside. But part of college is expanding your mind and exposing yourself to a wide variety of classics.

| Senior Scene Editor

How to succeed at WILD

WILD can be quite the spectacle. It’s one of the few times per year that the majority of students at Wash. U. leave the books on the shelf and truly let loose. It’s an all-day affair, almost a holiday of sorts. For those of you who have yet to experience the event, it may seem alluring or even daunting, but I’m here to tell you that it probably won’t be what you expect at all.

| Senior Scene Editor

Joe Edwards and the Peacock Diner, a lifelong neon passion

At last, the Peacock Diner will be opening its doors on the Delmar Loop. The first day of business is tentatively set for Parents’ Weekend, Oct. 10.

| Senior Scene Editor

How to make your fall less ‘basic’

Yes, last week I wrote about where to find all the pumpkin treats that your basic heart desires. However, this week I will take a reverse stance. Here are some suggestions to keep yourself from falling into the basic trap.

| Senior Scene Editor

Nikki Metzger: Ups and downs in a serious skating career

Last winter, while most Washington University students who visited the skating rink in Forest Park bundled up in several layers of clothing, anticipating various falls, sophomore Nikki Metzger was getting asked if she was Olympics-bound.

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