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Behind the scenes of OWN IT with co-founder Ellen Kaushansky

The inaugural OWN IT summit at Washington University will be taking place November 7th—co-founder and current senior Ellen Kaushansky has been extremely busy finalizing all the details of the summit for women’s empowerment.

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Dodge and Burn by The Dead Weather

Jack White is back on the drums yet again. For the first time since White released two albums as a solo artist, he has reunited with the Dead Weather, the Nashville band with whom he recorded two albums in 2009 and 2010. The band returns with “Dodge and Burn,” its third studio album.

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Point/Counterpoint: “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap

This summer, Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” demonstrated the power of new music distribution methods (the song first appeared on SoundCloud), riding a wave of momentum that began early in the year and drove the song into “song of the summer” contention. The song also sparked Fetty’s rapid ascendance, landing him two more top-15 hits (“My Way” and “679”) and a Drake remix. With Fetty’s debut album scheduled for a September release, Tyler Friedman, staff writer, and Kimberly Henrickson, film editor, debate the merits of the singer’s breakthrough hit.

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Sophomore Andrew Glantz begins first course of business

While other business students may wear button-downs day-to-day to enhance their overall professional persona, Glantz was preparing to make a pitch to a restaurant loved by many Washington University students: Seoul Taco.

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Nikki Metzger: Ups and downs in a serious skating career

Last winter, while most Washington University students who visited the skating rink in Forest Park bundled up in several layers of clothing, anticipating various falls, sophomore Nikki Metzger was getting asked if she was Olympics-bound.

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Junior Ishi Metkar to document “The Freshman Experience”

In addition to junior Ishi Metkar’s studies, she embarked on a new project for the year: following six freshmen throughout the year and documenting their experiences in a film.

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St. Louis: A musical history

1834—Johann Weber arrived in St. Louis and brought with him a library of scores, including Bach and Beethoven, among others. His passion led to the creation of the St. Louis Sacred Music Society. Just four years later, William Robyn became Saint Louis University’s first music professor and organized the St. Louis Brass Band. 1880—The St.

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