Stepping Out: Three Kings Public House

| Senior Scene Editor

Three Kings

Three Kings provide traditional pub fare such as burgers, wings and sandwiches.

Ordinary should not be an insult. To call a restaurant ordinary should not imply fetid food or rude service. One new addition to the Loop is ordinary in the best possible way. Three Kings Public House, a bar and grill across the street from the Tivoli Theatre, offers filling fare served with smiles in a handsome space. However, the pub lacks any attribute that makes it noteworthy. Three Kings may not replace your favorite bar in St. Louis, but with the right friends, a night there could be fun.

The bar at Three King’s offers a wide selection of beers, including local favorites like Schlafly’s and Urban Chestnut. The bar is up front and there are plenty of tables in the back to mingle with friends over drinks. Three Kings boasts strong drinks for the best prices. Wednesday through Sunday nights feature live music and often a lively crowd that ranges from the early 20s to the mid-40s.

Student Life sampled the lunch menu, which consists mainly of sandwiches and burgers. The pub’s signature Three Kings Burger, a half-pound beef patty topped by bacon, bleu cheese and balsamic relish on sourdough, proved delicious. While no one proclaimed it the world’s best burger, for eight dollars, it was more than enough for lunch and was well priced. Unfortunately, we did not sample the Captain Crunch Shrimp, our server’s suggestion, but when we return, we’ll order it immediately.

The decor and ambience of Three Kings are its strongest features. The bar, paneling and furnishing are mahogany. Three Kings is smaller than competing bars on the Loop, like Cicero’s and Blueberry Hill, which gives the pub a more intimate atmosphere. Three Kings tries to evoke the look and feel of an English pub and for the most part, it succeeds. The pub’s best assets are large prints of photographs of University City from over 100 years ago. Despite being a new establishment, Three Kings succeeds in feeling like a part of University City and the culture of the Loop largely because of these photos.

In older English, an ordinary was an inn that offered regular meals at fixed prices. While it does not let rooms, Three Kings Public House otherwise suits this definition. Whether a customer orders a draught or a sandwich, he can expect a good return on his dollar. However, besides the inexpensive drinks, nothing about Three Kings makes it particularly attractive to people looking for a new favorite bar. But with the right friends, this ordinary has the potential to be quite extraordinary.

3.5/5 stars

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