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Goodbye South 40: A senior’s reflections on college

As I depart my South 40 dorm each day for the next four weeks before the final time I close the door, I’ll likely find myself becoming more and more reminiscent as my undergraduate years come to an end. But for now, I’ll hold off on staring longingly and romantically out onto the South 40 from a window (until the inevitable sound of a fire alarm or a shouted obscenity) and try instead to spend as much time as possible with the people for whom I will never be able to truly express the extent of my gratitude and love.

| Staff Writer

A senior’s reflections on change

In making social movements trending topics online, we also somewhat dissociate from their reality, making the activism itself dependent on algorithms and a majority stance. But we can’t afford to repeatedly relearn everything we committed so much reeducation to in 2020.

| Senior Forum Editor

“Pick me. Choose me. Love me.”: The evolution of the “pick-me girl”

The pick-me phenomenon is spreading as the definition grows more and more ambiguous. In turn, we are all becoming implicated in a greater misogynistic culture.

| Senior Forum Editor

The shapeshifting face of American superheroes: from Marvel to The Boys

This change seems reflective of a larger social phenomenon: a widespread distrust of people in power. 

| Junior Forum Editor

The case for re-sensitization

If something shocks you, talk about why without glorifying it.

| Junior Forum Editor

We cannot forget WashU Greek Life’s recent (and not-so-recent) history of harm

As spring rush begins, we must remember the stories shared in the summer of 2020 about the long-lasting existence of racism and sexual violence within Greek Life. 

| Managing Forum Editor

The world according to Gen Alpha: On aging out and growing up

I turned 20 over Thanksgiving break, and I spent my last day as a teenage girl in Orlando, Florida, in my childhood bedroom.

| Junior Forum Editor

Sheet masks are not accommodations: Redefining “self-care” for mental health

“Self-care” is often limited to its consumerist contexts and is stigmatized when expanded to include mental health accommodations that challenge existing structures and norms.

| Managing Forum Editor

The vulnerable dead: On emotional expression in the workplace

Especially for workplaces that double as “safe spaces” for emotional vulnerability and social justice, are reformation and decentralization possible in a professional culture still rooted in patriarchy and whiteness?

| Senior Forum Editor

Should you try to blend in when you travel?

While traveling, you may still have the tendencies of an American tourist, but with respect and an appreciation of other cultures as well as your own, you are sure to make the most of your trip.

| Junior Forum Editor

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