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Where to get your Valentine’s Day dessert fix

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to go with your significant other, or if you’re just trying to satisfy a sweet tooth on your own, here are some places to gorge on all that sweet, sweet sugar.

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What IKEA item should you put together this weekend?

Take out all of that steam productively by building furniture! Not sure what to build? Take this quiz and find out:

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The six types of people you meet at Starbucks at 5 a.m.

You’re probably thinking, “I have been to a Starbucks before, but it has not ever been at five in the morning.” That’s great! We have! And it has had an impact on us!

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All day slumber party

While places like the Danforth University Center and Holmes Lounge are obvious snooze spots, here are some less well-known napping locations.

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Disrupting whiteness at the Women’s March on St. Louis

The idea of a women’s march is great and all, but the controversies surrounding the march’s lack of intersectionality—both on a national and local level—left a bad taste in my mouth. My decision to attend was last-minute.

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Not just collecting dust on the shelf: The wonders of baking soda

Look, I don’t mean to stir up controversy on a Monday morning, but I have something to say: Baking soda is the most underrated product of all time.

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Juice cleanse ideas for people who refuse to do juice cleanses

I am not an anti-juicer, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a hater. In response to the juice cleanse, here’s a list of “juice cleanses” that I thought of while simmering in a petty stupor.

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Procrastinate in peace: The anti-studying travel guide

As your faithful travel adviser, let me guide you to some local procrastination hot spots.

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Brooding in a Chili’s: A hometown experience like no other

There’s nothing wrong with a Chili’s in the suburbs. Objectively, I mean. It’s fine.

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Late registration: Or, a guide to taking a semester off

If you’ve been thinking about taking a semester off, and you’re on the fence about it, here are a few things to consider.

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