Op-ed submission: Working toward a more representative SU

This year, the Diversity Affairs Council launched an inaugural project to collect data on the demographics of our Student Union officers to better understand how our student body is represented in SU.

Diversity Affairs Council

You can’t do it all

Here at Washington University, we’re tired the second we step on campus in August. At some point, we have to ask, should we be this tired?

| Staff Writer

Our holiday wish list for Wash. U.

Student Life’s Editorial Board is always looking for ways to help our beloved school be a better institution for the undergraduate student body, and this year is no different. With such a hectic and riveting semester behind us, here are some things we would like Wash. U. to improve in the spring semester and beyond.

Counterpoint: Admissions volunteers cannot be paid

I have been working for the admissions office since my freshman year, starting as a prospective student host and a Bear Lunch Bunch guide, now a regular student presentation partner. I am not paid (or rewarded) for my work in presentations.

| Forum Editor

The Chancellor’s DACA letter should only be a beginning, not end

Today, Chancellor Wrighton and the administration released a letter declaring Washington University’s support for the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Washington University Police Department’s desire to not involve itself with students’ immigration status and the need for an accepting, discrimination-free environment on our campus. His words are a welcome assurance from the University that they are committed to undocumented students (and families) across the United States, but there is much to be done in the coming months when the president-elect takes office.

Please don’t pass the politics

We all have a relative with rather out-there political views or a cousin with an iffy sense of humor, and they deserve a chance to be in the spotlight. So without further ado, here is a list of the most out crazy, bizarre and offensive stuff that the Forum staff heard at the dinner table.

Forum Staff

Point: Tour guides are undervalued

Washington University tour guides are the people that can help them to fall in love with the school, give them an idea about what life is like at the University and share with them all the wonderful things that Wash. U. has to offer. Given the major impact that these tour guides can have on potential Wash. U. students, it is only right that they receive monetary compensation for the work they are doing.

Emma Galasso | Contributing Writer

Looking toward a healthier campus climate

We commend the University for responding concretely to the prevailing issue of sexual violence on campus.

Op-ed Submission: A response to Students for Justice in Palestine

When the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) walked out of Etai Pinkas’s talk, they followed in the footsteps of numerous other pro-Palestinian organizations that refuse to engage in any constructive dialogue or debate for fear of being exposed for the frauds they are.

Zakary Kadish and Max Handler | Class of 2019 & Class of 2018

Op-ed Submission: Pinkas—an example of inspirational activism

Etai Pinkas spoke to over 100 members of the Washington University community at events sponsored by numerous organizations, including the Office of Sustainability, Student Union, the National Organization for Minority Architecture Students and Nice Jewish Queers. As the person who coordinated these events, I am compelled to respond to the inflammatory op-ed recently published by Students for Justice in Palestine. 

Peri Feldstein | Class of 2019