Junior Ishi Metkar to document “The Freshman Experience”

In addition to junior Ishi Metkar’s studies, she embarked on a new project for the year: following six freshmen throughout the year and documenting their experiences in a film.

| Staff Writer

New candy store “fizzing” up the Loop with a retro flair

When visiting the Loop, one is likely to see more fellow students than local area residents. However, a new addition to the district’s shopping offerings, franchised candy shop Rocket Fizz, bridges the gap between the transplanted young’uns and local folk looking to reminisce.

| Staff Writer

Your First 40 Freak-outs: Is this frat-appropriate?

With the Meet the Greeks event this Friday, fraternities are opening their doors to freshmen for the first time this school year. . Let this article help you escape an upperclassman’s cynical Yik Yak shoutout.

| Senior Scene Editor

Fall Fashion Preview

Fall has unexpectedly arrived, if only for a short time, leading us all to pull out sweaters and boots from the back of our closets. While temperatures will surely surge back, this week’s fall preview leads one to wonder which fall fashion trends will dominate.

| Senior Scene Editor

Pop the Bubble: Big Sleep Books

In the golden age of Amazon.com and with a megalith of a bookstore on campus, most of us students don’t venture out to book-and-mortar shops these days. Last weekend, however, I did just that—and boy, am I glad I did.

Jessica Bluedorn | Contributing Writer

How to “walk of shame” like an expert

I have recently been surprised by the number of people I have heard discussing their sneaky morning escapes from the beds of folks they barely know. Whatever the cause, it seems the proper form begs explanation and further explication.

| Scene Editor

Survival Guide to LouFest

Over the past several years, LouFest has been growing in its quality and its popularity. It has been attracting more and more Washington University students with its strong lineups and hip, local vibe.

| Senior Scene Editor

Your First 40 freak-outs: Food to-do list

While nothing can replace your mom’s cooking, certain foods in St. Louis are not to be missed. There are just as many cuisines in proximity to campus as there are unique cultures represented among the student body.

| Senior Scene Editor

Scene staff responds to Yik Yak

Though Yik Yak is hardly a new app and not even necessarily new to the Washington University student body, the app has suddenly blown up in popularity.

The best elective reading

Whenever you find a free moment to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee, try one of these selections.

Eliana Goldstein | Staff Writer