Claudia’s Counsel: A bunch of my friends are going abroad next semester and I’m really worried about staying in touch and being on my own

Question: A bunch of my friends are going abroad next semester and I’m really worried about staying in touch and being on my own. What should I do?

| Scene Editor

How to relax: A type-A guide to the break

erhaps the most common affliction of the Washington University student is sleep deprivation. There can be complications of this condition such as impaired decision-making, poor memory, weeping and anhedonia. But a pre-med assured me she knows how to treat this illness: the only cure is Winter Break.

| Senior Scene Editor

A mass of voices: An oral history of student involvement in protests

In the two weeks following the grand jury announcement, Student Life arranged one-on-one interviews with more than a dozen students involved in the ensuing protests. These students relayed their experiences at various protests throughout St. Louis, shared their reasons for protesting and voiced their hopes for how the protests will evolve within the University community.

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Claudia’s Counsel: How do you define your relationship before the end of the semester?

Defining relationships is a tricky matter—especially in college, where there seems to be an entire spectrum of possible stages along which your romance can fall. Often it is easier to go without defining the “thing” you have with someone else; it can be an awkward conversation to have and two people can often be on different pages when the discussion does come up.

| Staff Writer

Freshman freak-outs: Fear not finals, or how to get through reading week with your sanity intact

With the shared hope of ending the semester on a high note without having to move into Olin Library to do so, let the studying commence. Here are Scene staffers’ best suggestions for surviving reading week and final exams.

Student first to get same-sex marriage license

Lilly Leyh, a dual-degree graduate student in the Brown School of Social Work and Olin Business School, and Sadie Pierce, a 2014 graduate of the Brown School, were the first in line to receive legal marriage documentation.

| Staff Writer

Freshman freak-outs: Winter gear

The temperature has officially plunged, leading me to question whether or not “in St. Louis” should be exchanged for “in the North Pole.” For many hardened northeasterners, this is what is to be expected. But as an expatriate of the South, I found this time of year to be quite the surprise as a freshman. I discovered what real winter was.

| Senior Scene Editor

Spend Thanksgiving on campus: A guide

While many students are counting the days until they head home, it is important to remember that not everyone on campus will be traveling home this Thanksgiving. Many students choose to save their money given the shortness of the break, where it doesn’t make sense for some students to make the trek home for just a few days.

| Senior Scene Editor

Claudia’s Counsel: I have a friend who always crashes my plans with other people. How do I stop this from happening?

It’s tricky trying to create plans with a set group of friends and feel like you’re not being exclusive. No one wants to feel like he’s shutting someone out, and no one wants to be shut out. At the same time, it can be frustrating and feel like a breach of personal space when a friend consistently includes himself in your plans when he is not welcome.

| Staff Writer

Four to explore

St. Louis has a lot of neat places to offer if you know where to look. One of the best ways I’ve found to explore the city is to ask for recommendations from others. My hope for the “Four to Explore” series is that it will give you some ideas of places to check out in your favorite category.

Jessie Bluedorn | Contributing Writer