Invisible Boyfriend: (Not) a love story

My untouched mint latte is getting cold as I figure out the best way to hunch over my laptop so that no one in Kayak’s can see my screen. I’m usually good with not caring what people think of me, but this is a little too embarrassing. I’m not trying to notify the baristas to the fact that I’m very literally constructing a fake boyfriend on the Internet.

| Senior Scene Editor

Danielle’s ARTicles: Review of Alex Prager’s ‘Face in the Crowd’

American artist Alex Prager knows how to capture a character. Her film “Face in the Crowd” (2013), showing now at the Saint Louis Art Museum, pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever felt lonely. Whether it is a divorced grandmother from Long Island pouring her heart out in a dark and secluded room, a quiet Asian man sharing his belief in true love or the famous actress Elizabeth Banks, lost amidst a chaotic sea of strangers, Prager perfectly portrays so many universal human emotions in her frames.

Danielle Leventhal | Contributing Reporter

Advice from the Sexy Fisherman: A guide to romance

For over 20 years, the Sexy Fisherman has been guiding people toward finding solutions to common issues, romantic or otherwise. The Sexy Fisherman is a human-ish counselor with an established practice in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Read the Sexy Fisherman’s advice to common problems and seek the support and kindfish you deserve.

Hannah Beilenson | Contributing Reporter

‘Festival of Nations’ celebrates diversity in the Lou

After finishing the first week of school, some of you might feel that summertime fun and spontaneity has started to boil down. Unless, that is, you had the chance to visit the Festival of Nations held at Tower Grove Park this past weekend.

Momo Hu | Contributing Writer

A modest proposal on how to handle the cockroach encroachment

It all started with a perfect evening. I took in the arresting scene of empty, fully lit buildings, content to be back on a campus that, despite a supposed passion for sustainability, leaves every damn light on at 10 p.m. for the sake of aesthetics.

| Managing Editor

Goober app parodies lack of ride-sharing services in St. Louis

Getting around St. Louis can be tricky. Even with the MetroLink system and taxi service, the city lacks ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

| Senior Scene Editor

Get funky with it: Funkadelic fall fashion ideas

Ah, the ’70s. The era of disco balls, the “Saturday Night Live” heyday, lava lamps and a little “Lucy in Sky with Diamonds” at the local reading of “Sisterhood is Powerful.” If you talk to people who actually lived during the groovy days, you may receive varied anecdotes such as, “You know, it’s all kind of a fuzzy, tie-dyed blur,” or, “I lived through it once and once was enough, thank you very much.”

| Staff Writer

Quiz: Which Wash. U. administrator are you?

Do you ever lose sleep at night trying to figure out which Washington University administrator you’re similar to? Are you struggling to find a quiz that would answer this burning question on BuzzFeed? Is it weird that I knew that, almost like I looked into your brain? Take this quiz!

| Senior Scene Editor

The Loss of Laskey Landscape

Imagine walking into the Danforth University Center during your first week back on the Washington University campus, only to find that all of the seating—tables, chairs, couches and kiosks—have mysteriously disappeared. That’s exactly how most art and architecture students of the Sam Fox School are feeling this week.

Danielle Leventhal | Contributing Reporter

Last gasp of summer: Upcoming events in St. Louis

The dawn of a fresh school year at Washington University, much like New Year’s Eve, supplies an opportunity for students to break from past patterns. For many students, that break comes from exploring all that the city has to offer outside of campus. St. Louis hosts many unique events in the first few weeks of school that freshmen who aren’t allowed at fraternities and upperclassmen tired of the normal alike can enjoy.

| Staff Writer