Immersive theatrical chaos: Thyrsus’ Day of No Shame at WashU

A person wearing a white tank top with the words “the purple shirt” written on it was thrown into a mini-inflated pool. The other cast members then dumped purple Kool-Aid all over them, drenching them from head to toe.

| Staff Writer

Thyrsus’ Day of Shame creates theatrical magic in 24 hours

Participants in Thyrsus’ event love the chance for experimentation and low-stakes commitments to theater.

| Staff Writer

Come unprepared: Thyrsus brings surprise pop-up performances to campus

Thyrsus doesn’t have a spring show this year—instead, they will be staging pop-up performances meant to mimic reality for passersby to overhear.

| Contributing Writer

Ahead of ‘Focus,’ Shaelee Comettant reflects on how the pandemic has shaped her art

While Comettant’s artistic journey didn’t begin on the stage, she found her niche for theater in reflecting on the different artistic values that go into making up a show

| Staff Writer

Thyrsus adapts to COVID-19 with radio plays, play-reading group

Thyrsus is embracing the experimental aspect of their identity and using it to create theatre through different mediums and to view theatre through a different lens. 

Kamala Madireddi | Staff Writer

Four shows, no stage: Student theatre cancelled

Washington University’s campus closure caused the premature cancellation of four student-run theater performances.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

How to help yourself: Thrysus performs ‘Pullman, WA’

Student experimental theatre group Thyrsus opened a production of “Pullman, WA” on Friday night, directed by senior Madison Lee. A short play, “Pullman” consists of only one act, which is by turns whimsical, painful, obscene, existential and simply bizarre.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Thyrsus’ Day of Shame 2019 was anything but shameful

Thyrsus’ Day of Shame is a 24-hour student theatre festival that takes place in the Village Black Box Theater. Writers meet their directors and actors and then begin writing at 9 p.m. the night before opening, with only a theme and one line given to start them off.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Thyrsus puts on an intimate, meaningful performance of ‘Stop Kiss’

From Friday, March 29 to Sunday, March 31, Thyrsus, Washington University’s oldest student theatre group, put on a production of Diana Son’s “Stop Kiss.” Directed by senior Catey Midla, the cast of seven delivered a heartwarming and thought-provoking performance of the play.

| Staff Writer

Thyrsus’ ‘The Realness’ emphasizes the ‘reality’ in reality television

The show opens with what seems like a stereotypical college party, but “The Realness” is more enjoyable than any college party.

| Contributing Writer

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