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Letter to the Editor: There is no room for anti-Blackness in arts and entertainment journalism

Having trained arts reporters who understand how to navigate writing reviews of culturally significant projects and events on campus is important.

| Former Cadenza and Social Media Editor, Class of 2022

The Black Rep’s ‘Sweat’ is more than just a season opener

“Sweat” puts the role of the working-class individual under a microscope and asks us the question: What would you do if you had to fight to survive?

| Senior Social Media Editor

Muslim students express fear for their safety on campus following Islamophobic online reactions to flag removal

“Many Muslim and Brown students, particularly those who are visibly identifiable either by their hijab, turbans, etc., do not feel safe on campus and are hesitant to attend classes tomorrow,” read a statement from a coalition of student and student groups.

| Senior Social Media Editor

Fairy tales and theatre magic: Cast n’ Crew produces Zoom play

Doing a play over Zoom is absurd. “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” used that absurdity to further the laughs.

The Black Rep’s ‘HOME’ is filmed theatre done right

Virtual theatre is hit or miss, but the Black Rep’s “HOME” successfully captures the feeling of a live performance.

| Senior Editor

Stop animating Black characters as inhuman

Blackness in the media is equated with animalistic behavior and barbarism. The animators’ choice to portray Black characters as less than human, sub-human if you will, reinforces this idea.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

How one WU alum made it to Saturday Night Live

Annie Butler started her career on the stage as a dancer, but has since discovered a love of comedy.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Conducting a legacy: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra chorus director celebrates milestone

Kevin McBeth directs the IN UNISON Chorus, which focuses on performing music from Black cultures and Black composers.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

How two juniors are building a new home for short films

What started as an assignment for a business school class is now a fledgling streaming platform.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Disney+ finally added Whitney Houston’s ‘Cinderella’ last week. What else are they missing?

Waiting until now to put Whitney Houston’s 1997 Cinderella on Disney+ was a serious misstep that prompted me to think about the other movies and television series that the streaming service is missing.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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