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Immersive theatrical chaos: Thyrsus’ Day of No Shame at WashU

A person wearing a white tank top with the words “the purple shirt” written on it was thrown into a mini-inflated pool. The other cast members then dumped purple Kool-Aid all over them, drenching them from head to toe.

| Staff Writer

Mosaic Whispers and the Amateurs Compete in ICCA Semi-finals 

Two of Washington University’s a cappella groups moved onto this year’s Midwest International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) Semifinals at the 560 Music Center on April 1. 

| Staff Writer

WU student wants you to log off (or at least take a step back) 

As the founder of the LOG OFF Movement, Lembke aims to tackle the complexity of social media and help parents and kids navigate through the inner workings of these apps. 

| Staff Writer

Mosaic Whispers and the Amateurs move to ICCA semi-finals

From upbeat pop hits and soulful ballads to international songs, Washington University’s a cappella groups showcased their range and versatility on February 11. 

| Staff Writer

From Honduras to WashU: the origin story of Coffeestamp  

Coffeestamp at Grounds For Change is a new addition to Washington University’s campus this fall.

| Contributing Writer 

Expectations versus reality: from admissions tours to the first month of school

It has been over a month since the week of hectic red move-in carts, kaleidoscopic residential college shirts, and proud convocation chants for the Class of 2026.

| Contributing Writer

The Path to Repair Unlimited: the saga of a new student-run business

Tucked away in the corner of student business, underneath the Gregg dorm, sits a newly opened student business with a bright-blue neon sign that reads “Repair Unlimited.”

| Contributing Writer

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