Office of the Provost announces survey on sexual misconduct

Washington University is conducting a survey examining sexual misconduct and awareness among the student body that will be available to students on March 4, according to an email from the Office of the Provost. 

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IFC reviews WPA survey results in meeting with Campus Life

Co-creators of the Women’s Panhellenic Association independent climate survey presented data relevant to Washington University fraternities at a meeting with the Interfraternity Council and Campus Life Thursday. In a survey Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) president senior Genevieve Leach and senior Rachel Lynn Braly co-created, approximately 290 sorority members reported at least one instance of sexual harassment or assault by members of every Greek fraternity chapter on campus.

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Fall WILD 2018 talent survey released; features all-female headlining artists

Washington University’s Social Programming Board released its fall WILD 2018 talent survey—featuring an all-female headlining selection—through its social media accounts Sunday.

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Cadenza’s picks: Spring WILD and comedy surveys

On Sunday, Social Programming Board released its Spring Talent Survey for WILD and the semesterly comedy show. Here are Cadenza’s favorites from the survey.

The Socioeconomic Survey

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: The Socioeconomic Survey asked students questions about how they fund their Washington University education and if they feel their economic status affects their experiences here. Students were also able to share stories about feeling out of place based on their economic status.

Campus survey results show economic isolation, socioeconomic status of undergraduate student body

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: According to the 2015 Socioeconomic Survey conducted by Student Life, 41 percent of undergraduate respondents receive need-based financial aid and 21 percent of respondents rely on need-based financial aid as their primary source of tuition.

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Students draft petition in response to data on campus sexual assault

Students presented a petition with nearly 1,000 signatures calling for the expansion of sexual assault prevention and support resources on campus to administrators as part of a continuing response to the campus’ sexual assault survey data released last month.

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Campus sexual assault survey highlights need to serve marginalized populations

Attendees expressed concerns about how Washington University planned to address the high rate of sexual assault reported by transgender, genderqueer or nonconforming and questioning (TGQN) students at a forum to discuss recent campus sexual assault survey data.

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WU assault stats show need for mandatory prevention training

Last Monday, Student Life published an article detailing the results from the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct. We at Student Life feel that the numbers were both alarming and unacceptable and call for a larger, unified initiative on campus to decrease instances of sexual assault and violence.

‘The Second Rape’ of sexual assault victims: Sophomore shares experience to open dialogue on systemic issues in rape-reporting process

When it comes to labeling experiences as sexual assault, Washington University students are no different from other Americans. Just more than a third of students surveyed (34.85 percent) reported that they were pressured to engage in sexual acts they were not comfortable engaging in while only 10.

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