Four days, four libraries: Here’s what it was like

I spent an hour studying in four different spaces on campus in the hopes of comparing study environments to find what works best for me (and maybe for you, too).

| Contributing Writer

Our favorite on-campus study spots

Since the pandemic, almost everyone has had to find new on-campus study spots. Olin Library isn’t open. Graham Chapel is filled with study cubbies. And now there are gigantic white tents invading Mudd Field. We compiled a list of our favorite spots to break away from the pandemic and get some work done in the […]

Audiophiles: Holiday albums to avoid studying for finals to

As the semester winds down, the one thing everyone has been dreading begins to loom over our heads—finals. So, to prepare for finals and the holly jolly holiday season, here is a mix of albums from holiday seasons old and new to listen to as you as you avoid studying for finals.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Staff Ed: How to survive the dark of the year

Here are a few tips from the editorial board to help you avoid the dark sadness that envelops us all at this time of year.

Study tips for those that don’t want to do work over Thanksgiving break

Gobble, gobble! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a week of freedom with zero work stress, zero classes and a ton of Netflix time (The Crown is out!). Except, what about after Thanksgiving? We have one week of classes, then finals are aggressively upon us. As a result, I always take advantage of the week preceding Thanksgiving break to get a head start on any final projects, essays or exams.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Study 101: Smart not hard

How do you really study efficiently and create a balanced schedule so that you don’t burn out?

| Contributing Writer

An open letter to studious Wash. U. students from a procrastinator

To those of you who have taken it upon yourselves to show the world how studious and focused you can get—you seriously need to consider how much you intimidate the procrastinators like me who enter denial and procrastinate even more. Let me tell you why.

| Staff Writer

Test on the material, not the format

In college, coming by extensive test preparatory materials isn’t as easy as it was in high school.

Ella Chochrek | Contributing Writer

Your guide to surviving finals

Laura Harvey Snack: I like to sneak food into Olin Library so that I don’t have to resort to the same foods from Whispers that I constantly eat. I generally tuck Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins into my backpack because they’re healthy(ish) and provide energy but are still yummy. And then, of course, it’s all about coffee. The more, the better.

Scene Staff

Editorial Cartoon: The Vomitorium

| Student Life

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