You’re not a Woman in STEM, and that’s OK

Whatever other factors are affecting your decisions, don’t let the pressure to study STEM eliminate the possibility of studying another field that you might care about. 

| Junior News Editor

Breaking the Olin bubble: A tour of the University libraries

When I came back to Wash. U. this year, I knew I only had a limited amount of time before I trapped myself in a new narrow path. So I decided to be intentional and informed when building my routine. Specifically, I decided to try studying in each of the 10 libraries on the Danforth Campus to figure out which was genuinely the best study spot.

| Senior Editor

Hidden gems: My favorite spots for studying alone on campus

Here are a few of my most-loved study spots around the Danforth Campus.

| Editor-in-Chief

Study shows bottled water ban leads to more high-calorie bottled beverage purchases

Banning the sale of bottled water on college campuses is posed as an eco-friendly mandate at Washington University and many other colleges nationwide. According to a new study, it may not only fail to decrease bottle consumption but also be detrimental to student health.

Stella Schindler | Contributing Reporter

Come Back to Bed

I’m starting to feel neglected. I always wanted to be the most important part of your life, but, lately, I feel like you keep pushing me aside to make time for your other “priorities.” And when we do spend time together, you’re always late. Most nights, we don’t even meet up until like 3 a.m. What kind of relationship is that?

| Forum Editor

Study habit study performed by WU professors

Research being conducted in Washington University’s own Department of Psychology has produced new evidence about the most effective study techniques for students.

| Contributing Reporter

Green majors blossom across nation

Being green is becoming cooler as academic institutions see an increasing number of students majoring in the fields of environment and sustainability. According to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), more than 100 majors, minors and certificates were created at a variety of universities nationwide over the past year.

| Staff Reporter

D.C. study program to begin in September

Watch out, D.C. Washington University students will soon have the option of going to Washington, D.C., in a semester-long D.C. immersion program.

| Senior News Editor

Structure may reduce social anxiety symptoms

Thinking about past social failures can be less painful in a structured setting for some social phobia sufferers, according to a recent Washington University study that examined current practices in cognitive psychology. The work addressed a psychological problem that can be especially acute during the college years, when people are exposed to new social situations […]

| Staff Reporter

Getting lost in a book is not as hard as it seems

When people feel like the novel they are reading is actually happening to them, they’re not actually that far from the truth, according to a new brain-imaging study. The study, co-authored by Washington University scientist Jeffery Zacks, director of the Dynamic Cognition Laboratory, shows that when people read narratives, brain regions that process the same […]

| Staff Reporter

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