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Bon Appétit pockets unused meal points at the end of each year

Bon Appétit pockets unused meal points at the end of each year, Student Life has learned. About 1% of meal points purchased in undergraduate plans are returned to the food service company that operates dining halls on the Danforth Campus, according to Steve Hoffner, Associate Vice Chancellor for Operations.

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Sharp rise in turnout for SU vote

1,400 Washington University students voted in the fall Student Union (SU) elections, which took place last week. The vote count represented a dramatic increase in turnout when compared to the 2009 fall SU elections. According to the Election Commissioner, sophomore Sarah Rubin, statistics from last year indicate that approximately 600 people voted in the elections held at the same time in 2009.

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Renowned historian stresses curiosity in Founder’s Day address to students

A “master in the art of national history” visited the Washington University campus this past weekend as part of the annual Founder’s Day activities. David McCullough, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “John Adams,” “Truman,” and “1776,” spoke to students on Saturday afternoon.

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Danforth Center gives first public event

As America watches attack ad wars and campus political groups gear up for the Nov. 2 midterm elections, the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics gave its first public event—a keynote address on religion and politics by Jon Meacham.

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Corrigan vs. Dooley: WU Decide

County executives are responsible for property taxes, public transportation and—if you live in St. Louis County—smoking bans. Next Tuesday, Republican Bill Corrigan will face off against Democrat Charlie Dooley in the race for St. Louis County County executive. Currently, Dooley, the incumbent leads fundraising efforts, having raised about twice as much money as Corrigan.

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Pre-Law Society to publish law journal

There’s a new item on the docket for the Washington University Pre-Law Society. The group plans to publish an undergraduate law journal called The Circuit.

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Mothers Bar: One year later, Washington University reflects

A year ago, the world was watching six black Washington University students.
It began when the Original Mothers Bar rejected the students, who were on the senior class trip, on the basis that their jeans were too baggy. After one of the students switched jeans with a white student, who was then admitted to the bar, the black students said they had been discriminated against because of their race.

| Student Life Editors

Fraser v Lamping: WU Decide

Remember, remember the second of November. Election Day. The day in which Americans flock to public schools, churches, synagogues and local recreational facilities to fulfill their civic duty is approaching.

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Carnahan v. Martin: WU decide

Today’s installment of Candidate Corner will highlight the political positions of the candidates running for the House of Representatives seat for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District. The “Fighting 3rd” is in the eastern part of the state. It includes much of the City of St. Louis, southern St. Louis County and all of Jefferson County and Ste. Genevieve County. The district is home to much of Washington University’s campus, including the South 40 residential area.

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Obama supports community colleges, argues for education reform

President Obama argued for the need to reform the currently education system on Monday, citing a statistic that the United States in one generation has fallen from first in college graduation rates to twelfth.

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