Pandemic pets: WU students take advantage of more time at home to foster animals

From the dogs of Instagram to endless funny cat videos, pets keep us going when times are rough. With this past year being noticeably more difficult for many Washington University students, many are turning to fostering animals as a way to temporarily access some furry-friend-serotonin.  Because of the constant change in schedule and location that […]

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: How to not burn out in online classes

For some courses there is more flexibility, for others there are more assignments. But for everyone, there is some form of virtual learning, and with that comes the dreaded “Zoom fatigue.”

It’s not a competition: Stop stress speech

As students, we’ve turned being busy into a sort of competition, perpetuating a mentality of “if you’re not suffering, you’re doing it wrong.” We don’t realize how detrimental this to our overall wellbeing.

| Senior Forum Editor

Running should be socially acceptable transportation

Our unwillingness to run in public is not necessarily problematic, but I want to draw attention to the benefits of which we are unknowingly depriving ourselves.

| Staff Writer

It takes more than a poster

Wash. U.’s demanding environment, when combined with as the driven personalities of students handling the school’s workload, produce a culture of stress that is especially prevalent during this time of year.

Olivia Quinn | Contributing Writer

Veritas forum addresses motivation, achievement and success

The 2016 Veritas Forum addressed topics such as elevated stress levels, coping mechanisms and positive psychology in the context of the Washington University community on Thursday night.

George Zhou | Contributing Reporter

Express to de-stress: Reducing mental health stigmas with Active Minds

Here at Washington University, students often hear about issues of sexual assault, cultural appropriation, race, gender and sexuality, all of which are extremely relevant and important. However, an issue that receives less attention, but plays into all of these concerns, is that of mental health. This year, Active Minds is looking to change that.

| Staff Reporter

Feeling like a failure? You’re not as alone as you think

I felt a lot of pressure. It wasn’t just a pressure to get good grades, although that was certainly part of it. It was, for lack of a better way of describing it, a pressure not to “fail.”

| Managing Editor

Removing reading week won’t solve finals stress

The Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science recently released a survey to gauge student interest in eliminating reading week in favor of a longer final exam period. Citing student concerns, the school hopes to alleviate some students’ overcrowding of exams during finals week.

Wash. U. students more stressed than undergraduates nationally

“I wasn’t doing as well as I could, and no matter how hard I was trying, I still couldn’t get things going the right way.” This freshman pre-medical student described his immense struggle to balance academic work and a social life upon entering Washington University—his intense feelings of inadequacy compounded by his parents’ inability to understand his struggles.

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