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Why the J&J pause shouldn’t stop you from getting vaccinated

The pause in the J&J vaccine distribution may seem concerning, but getting vaccinated poses far fewer risks than deciding not to.

| Staff Writer

WU needs to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory

Many other universities have mandated a COVID-19 vaccine in their fall semester plans. Wash. U. hasn’t, but they should.

| Staff Writer

If we want to avoid another pandemic, we need to rethink how we treat our planet

Although not new, zoonotic diseases are appearing more frequently, and this is not by coincidence.

| Managing Editor

Hindsight is 20/20: Don’t procrastinate on your social life

You’ll have your memories, and you’ll have some good ones, but maybe you’ll wish you had more.

| Managing Editor

Washington University online is still Washington University

The circumstances of this pandemic have opened up a door to academic help and harm this semester, the latter of which we sometimes ignore.

| Managing Editor

Counterpoint: Lunch is still open, have a seat

Our society needs unity, but more so, it needs understanding, and with understanding comes compromise.

| Managing Editor

You’re not being tyrannized, just dramatic

Yet despite the astounding death toll, despite the many people who now have an empty seat at their dinner tables, despite those who have lost their homes as the virus has made them financially unstable, there are still those like the woman in the TikTok video who abhor the thought of wearing a mask.

| Managing Editor

The education gap is growing, do your part to close it

We love to boast about the equality of American education, but this is a falsity that in a lot of ways is ignored.

| Managing Editor

BREAKING: WU to offer hybrid instruction for fall 2020 semester

Washington University will offer hybrid classes for the fall 2020 semester. Tuition will remain the same and housing is only guaranteed for freshman and sophomore students.

, , , and | Senior Editors

Finding truth in silence: An internal reflection on racial injustice

I realized after days of being taunted by a blank screen, that I can’t. I cannot explain to a non-Black person what it means to wear this skin each day, this skin that—despite who wears it—will always be marked and measured by the scars placed upon it by American hands, scars that I inherited from a past I did not know.

| Managing Editor

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