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Feeling like a failure? You’re not as alone as you think

I felt a lot of pressure. It wasn’t just a pressure to get good grades, although that was certainly part of it. It was, for lack of a better way of describing it, a pressure not to “fail.”

| Managing Editor

Dumpster catches fire outside Sam Fox School

The smell of smoke filled the Sam Fox School Monday afternoon when a dumpster on the south side of Bixby Hall caught fire. While staff rushed to put out the flames, maintenance worker and carpenter Nick Garcia said, they ran out of fire extinguishers before local firefighters arrived at the scene minutes later.

| Managing Editor

Lack of transparency causes student issues with health insurance rollover

Students using the student insurance plan offered through Washington University this year were not automatically enrolled when their previous policy expired, a change that caused confusion among a number of students. Changes to the University’s insurance requirements allow students to opt out of the previously required student health insurance by Sept.

| Managing Editor

A Holi without water balloons establishes a new Wash. U. tradition of a more colorful celebration

Even before the event had officially started, many Washington University students gathered on the Swamp Friday to celebrate Holi were plenty colorful.

| Managing Editor

Spirit of Korea fuses contemporary culture and traditional dance

With Spirit of Korea on the calendar for April 12, Student Life sat down with Natalia Lee, the co-head director of the event, for an event overview. Student Life: What is Spirit of Korea all about? Natalia Lee: Basically, it’s presented by both KSA and KISS, which are Korean Student Association and Korean International Student Society.

‘Cupcake Wars’ launches bakery to St. Louis stardom

“We have to kick it in full gear here,” Jenna Seibert urged. “I came here to win.” Silver industrial stand mixers blended runny milk into a thicker mixture, creating a sticky white batter. Lids flew off canisters, and ingredients were carefully measured. A huge batch of bacon crackled in a silver skillet.

| Scene Reporter

Empris Durden: You may have seen her in Denny’s commercials

Three-year-old Empris Durden was watching TV when she told her parents she wanted to be an actress. From that point forward, her parents dedicated themselves to making her dream a reality. Though she originally expected to focus on academics as a freshman at Wash. U., Durden soon became involved in the acting and directing scene.

| Graphics Editor

Buste(re)d: Discovering ‘Arrested Development’ on campus

When child actor Jason Tinero took his role as Young Buster on “Arrested Development,” he had no idea how famous the show would eventually become. “Mostly people are mouth agape, like, I can’t believe you were on ‘Arrested Development,’” he said. “It’s still so weird for me to think that I was on it. It doesn’t register still.

| Scene Reporter

Fitz’s newest flavors: A taste test

Although known for its classic root beer, craft soda company Fitz’s is stepping outside the box with its newest flavors: Kaldi’s Coffee Cola and Pi Ginger Beer. Though the flavor profiles are unexpected, Fitz’s has pulled off the combinations quite well. In doing so, Fitz’s honors two St. Louis staples, Kaldi’s Coffee and Pi Pizzeria.

A fall staple returns: Recap of the Soulard Chili Festival

Fall has arrived in St. Louis. Bright leaves are commencing their mass exodus from tree branches. People are beginning to pull out the first sweaters of the season. And of course, the crisp, cool weather in St. Louis means the return of chili. The city kicked off the season in style with Saturday’s Soulard Chili Festival.

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