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Editor’s Note season 2 episode 13: WashU’s sex life

In this week’s podcast Student Life editors read and discuss stories submitted to our annual sex survey.

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Student Love 2019: Let me whisper in your ear

The results of Student Life’s 2019 Sex Survey!

Student Life Staff

2019 Sex Survey reveals students’ sex habits

2,027 people took the survey from Jan. 28 to Feb. 9. Student Life’s 2019 sex survey found that 74 percent of respondents (approximately 1,406 people) said they have had sex.

News Editors

Survey shows sexual health appointments not a top priority

Only 38 percent of the 1,426 undergraduates who took the Student Life Sex Survey have ever visited a medical professional for sexual health reasons.

| Senior News Editor

Results of survey reveal sexual history of student body

The results for Student Life’s 2016 Sex Survey revealed that while over 30 percent of Washington University students are virgins, 39 percent would have sex with presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

| Staff Reporter

Sex Survey proves engineers get more than just jobs: Results of survey show high intra-major dating

According to the results of this year’s Student Life Sex Survey, most Washington University students tend to date someone within the same school or division of major.

Amelia Ma | Contributing Reporter

2013 Sex Issue Results

Above are some of the best photos of Student Life’s 2013 Sex Issue. Below are the complete results from the 2013 Sex Survey.

Sugar Daddies and the Wash. U. community

A handful of Washington University students reported in the Student Life sex survey having “sugar daddies” or “sugar mommas” paying them for sexual favors.

Ellie Kincaid | Student Life

VIDEO: Sex survey predictions

Managing Editor Dennis Sweeney interviewed students the week of Valentine’s Day to gather their predictions for the results of the 2010 Student Life sex survey.

| Managing Editor

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