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We ought not forget the zeal for life we met here

I looked back at old Commencement issues of Student Life expecting to find every column beginning with, “Well, I’m sitting down to write my last column, and I can’t imagine how to put into words the four great years I’ve spent here.” The plan was to cite how most final columns do that and simultaneously, in doing so, avoid doing it myself.

| Former Managing Editor

Neighbors/students debate captures crux of the college experience

You will notice that on the south side of Kingsbury Avenue, there are speed bumps every 100 feet or so and signs that indicate that only residents may park on the street there. It is perilous to step into an argument (recounted in “Student arrest spurs questions about zero tolerance policy,” [April 16]) that has caused both sides to seem, at times, quite silly.

| Staff Columnist

Things we didn’t get

What does September 11, 2001, mean for our generation—for those of us currently around college age? How did we experience those events that in the minds of many mark a paradigmatic shift in national and world history? When we were 13 or 12 or 11 or 10 years of age, what did the most massive terrorist attack we have seen, upon the nation in which we lived, mean to us?

| Managing Editor

VIDEO: Students participate in city-wide protests

| Managing Editor

Gender discourse should move beyond accusations of misogyny

We Americans might well be considered to have reached an ideologically advanced state where students at major research universities, if not the hoi polloi, believe that women and men ought to be treated equally. The laudable attendance of classes in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies shows an academic interest in the problematic concept of gender that is ingrained in the contemporary world.

VIDEO: Matisyahu sings in Graham Chapel

Reggae musician and Hasidic Jew Matisyahu spoke in Graham Chapel this Thursday, March 18th. He interspersed an unscripted question and answer session with acoustic performances of a number of songs, accompanied on guitar by Wash. U. alumnus Adam Weinberg.

| Managing Editor

VIDEO: EnPageant comes back

As part of EnWeek this week, the Engineering Student Council revived EnPageant, a talent and beauty contest between male student representatives of each of the Engineering School’s departments.

VIDEO: Sex survey predictions

Managing Editor Dennis Sweeney interviewed students the week of Valentine’s Day to gather their predictions for the results of the 2010 Student Life sex survey.

| Managing Editor

In-person critique more productive than written mudslinging

The kind of people who read an article and are moved to respond in an online comment probably feel more strongly about the issue addressed in the article than those who read it and move on, or than those who don’t read it at all. Video interviews have a higher chance of capturing the latter two types.

| Managing Editor

‘Generations’ an actually viable concept

With a degree in the liberal arts, you get a lot out of the Sunday funnies. This last Sunday, on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer’s comics, Jeremy in “Zits” shows his parents a highly technical presentation he put together for a high school class. How much time did he spend doing it? “All together? About 20 minutes.” His parents’ response, and the punchline of the strip: “Stop the Internet. I want to get off,” his mom says with a dazed look. Responds his dad, “I fell off a while back.”

| Managing Editor

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