WashU’s new Kessler Scholars Program provides a beacon of hope for first-generation students

Washington University in St. Louis has been chosen as one of 10 universities to participate in the Kessler Scholars National Collaborative, with the inaugural cohort of scholars being the Class of 2027.

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Undergraduate students present their work at research symposium

Hundreds of members of the Washington University community attended a biannual undergraduate research symposium hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research, April 25. The event, held in Frick Forum in Bauer Hall, showcased the research that undergraduates engaged in during the semester.

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Just in: Ground-breaking research on WU med school’s campus  

On the medical campus, there are a plethora of fascinating studies under way. 

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WU lab researches magic mushrooms for mental health

One of the biggest contemporary scientific renaissances is happening right now on the other side of Forest Park. And no, it’s not the cure for cancer. In fact, the research subject is illegal in the state of Missouri. 

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WU researchers develop intranasal vaccine

WU researchers developed a COVID vaccine that was authorized in India on Sept. 6.

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Drug-gene database aims to simplify research

A Washington University medical school professor and his brother have released a database that will allow cancer researchers to explore drug-gene interactions more easily.

Peter Jones | Contributing Reporter

Government sequester limits University research opportunities

Eight months after the federal government’s sequester went into effect, Washington University is still feeling the effects of budget cuts to research funding.

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Wash. U. faces new year without definitive plan to handle fiscal cliff: Cuts would cost WU millions in federal funding

As the fiscal cliff looms over Capitol Hill, Chancellor Mark Wrighton and others have begun to worry that its detrimental effects may result in a significant loss of research funding at Washington University.

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Read my lips: Study finds lip-reading is easier when they’re yours

From George Costanza farcically misreading the lips of Jerry’s deaf girlfriend in an episode of Seinfeld to the Youtube channel “Bad Lip Reading,” which left many Wash U. students giggling behind their MacBooks in Olin library this election season, faulty lip-reading skits find their niche in a wide range of popular comedies, sitcoms and spoofs.

Adam Cohen-Nowak | Contributing reporter

Monsanto CEO should not receive a Wash. U. honorary degree

Last week, Washington University announced it will award retired chair and CEO of Monsanto, Richard Mahoney, an honorary degree at the upcoming graduation ceremony. While Monsanto has strong financial ties to the University, they are complex and controversial.

Amanda Wolff

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