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Olin library

Four days, four libraries: Here’s what it was like

I spent an hour studying in four different spaces on campus in the hopes of comparing study environments to find what works best for me (and maybe for you, too).

| Contributing Writer

The first year sophomore experience

Campus is alive in a way that I should’ve expected, but had no way to prepare myself for.

| Senior Scene Editor

Ok, Zoomer: Resources and tips to smooth the transition to online learning

Here are some small ways to make the move to virtual learning a bit smoother.

| Senior Scene Editor

Spring in St. Louis: Best break activities based on your favorite campus locations

With Spring Break right around the corner, campus is abuzz with talk of tropical getaways and cross-country road trips.

Samra Haseeb | Contributing Writer

CDI leaders reflect on five years at Washington University, discuss plans for future

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion celebrated its fifth anniversary, with a ceremony in Tisch Commons, concluding Washington University’s Day of Dialogue & Action Feb. 19.

| News Editor

‘It’s just an issue of academic success’: Senate joins campaign to cut textbook costs

Student Union Senate passed a resolution, Jan. 28, in support of Open Educational Resources — various online resources offering free textbooks to college students— in an attempt to cut down on what many students see as excessive and increasing textbook costs.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

Study tips for those that don’t want to do work over Thanksgiving break

Gobble, gobble! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a week of freedom with zero work stress, zero classes and a ton of Netflix time (The Crown is out!). Except, what about after Thanksgiving? We have one week of classes, then finals are aggressively upon us. As a result, I always take advantage of the week preceding Thanksgiving break to get a head start on any final projects, essays or exams.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Spotting fake news: Olin Library workshop on navigating today’s internet content

Fake news is everywhere. But what actually is fake news?

Merry May Ma | Contributing Writer

WU sprinklers guarantee no sunny days

Good hair day? Well, not anymore, so long as the sprinklers have it their way, and they always do.

Kya Vaughn and Mimi Shang | Digital Contributors

Which of the many WU libraries is the best choice for you?

Varying in size and setting, Washington University is blessed with an assortment of amazing libraries all around campus. The real problem for students becomes how to decide which library to study in.

Tom Ratts | Contributing Writer

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