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MO Attorney General investigating Transgender Center at WUSM

The Missouri Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, is investigating St Louis Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Transgender Center at Washington University’s School of Medicine (WUSM) after a former employee filed a complaint against the Center’s medical practices.

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Conservative speaker draws questions regarding race theory, gender, and sexuality

Amala Ekpunobi, a conservative speaker whose visit angered many students that view her as transphobic, spoke about her ideological shift to conservatism on Dec. 9.

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Q & A: Reframing the conversation about gun control around human rights 

Law Professor Leila Sadat explains the significance of framing gun control as a human rights necessity.

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A breakdown of fall WILD’s cancellation

The University’s semiannual concert, Walk In Lay Down (WILD), was canceled this semester following concerns over student safety at the event and the administration’s inability to find a solution for a late-in-the-game attendee capacity restriction from the University’s Emergency Management (EM) department.

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Fall WILD is cancelled

Fall WILD, a Student Programming Board (SPB)-run biannual concert, is cancelled due to student safety concerns.

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University announces space equity planning process

A committee of Washington University administrators and community members has been created to work on allocating space in a more student-driven process to better meet the needs of its ever-changing student body.

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CDI commemorating social justice mural with book signing and permanent art

The South 40 underpass is returning to advertising space for Student Union-recognized groups after two years of hosting a social justice mural focused on celebrating Black people.

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On the coming year: Letter from the new editor

Hello all, As Matthew wrote in his letter yesterday, this is my first week as Editor-in-Chief for the 2022-2023 year. I’m writing this to share the rest of this school year’s plans with the community and to reaffirm Matthew’s calls for change within Student Life. The plans for the rest of the year are as […]

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Our societally accepted addiction: technology, social media and the need to break away

Why I terminated my social media accounts and how it has helped me focus and enjoy the world more.

| Senior Editor

Students express frustration with online classes and the University’s spring plan ahead of the return to in-person instruction

How students have reacted to WU’s spring plan

| Senior Scene Editor

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