Senior passes away off campus after falling from apartment: Police report

Yongsang Soh, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, passed away off campus, according to Chancellor Mark Wrighton in a University-wide email. Soh was a Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology major in the Class of 2014. St. Louis City Police Department is investigating the circumstances of his death. Student Life will update this post as more details emerge.

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Robbery on Washington Avenue

University City police are investigating a robbery by the 6800 block of Washington Ave. that happened early Saturday morning. Around 1:15 a.m., a student was approached by a man who demanded his wallet and revealed a handgun concealed under his shirt.

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We need security for all students

Last month’s increase in crime in neighborhoods where a significant number of Washington University students live has attracted plenty of attention. In response, off-campus neighborhood patrols have been visibly increased, to the relief of students and parents alike.

Police continue search for robbery suspects, cut back on patrols

Police are still looking for the suspects in the six robberies and attempted robberies that happened earlier this month. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s (SLMPD) Lieutenant Ken Lammert said the police have leads and have already recovered one student’s stolen cell phone. Between Sept. 28 and Oct.

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Respect U. City neighborhoods

Last weekend, we received word from the Washington University Police Department that patrols from the University City Police Department would increase in the area north of campus. This area, including University Drive, Washington Ave., Kingsbury Blvd., Kingsland Ave., and Trinity Ave, contains property owned by the University and is home to a number of students.

Council seeks reconciliation with locals

The Neighborhood Voice Community Council had its first meeting of the semester earlier this month in an effort to bring together a community of off-campus students and local residents and establish a means of communication between the two groups.

Late night safety woes?

In an effort to improve safety off campus and alleviate students’ fears about walking home at night, Washington University instituted a one-way shuttle service for students and staff who want a safe ride home. “Over the years we’ve had occasional requests from students for a late-night shuttle home, but we’ve never done it,” Associate Vice Chancellor for Operations Steve Hoffner said.

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Life beyond the Wash. U. bubble: Don’t forget about it

I am in no way qualified to give advice. I’m a freshman. I’m the baby of the family. I’m underage. I learned something this weekend, though, and I think it’s important enough to share. I learned that even when you are 19 years old and can’t wait for tomorrow, there are always people who won’t make it. For some people, this is it.

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Things we want to see accomplished at WU in 2010

As the Washington University community begins 2010, we have decided to once again submit our list of expectations for the new year. These are a combination of coming events that we think it important to highlight, general trends we wish to commend or decry and a prospective list of some of the issues we think should command the Wash. U. community’s attention over the upcoming semester.

WU needs to build off-campus housing

So, after the latest attack on a (grad) student at our prestigious university, I have to wonder when—or if—something (anything!) is going to be done about the living conditions off campus. I find it highly ironic that while the University is busy turning the South 40 into Candy Land, students are getting mugged, beaten and robbed in and around their shady off-campus apartments. While I understand that the new South 40 is primarily intended to impress the money right out of Daddy’s wallet and into the chancellor’s lap, what I don’t understand is how the University can stand behind its off-campus housing situation.

David Holloway | Op-Ed Submission

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