The DADT paradox

‘Catch-22” is a funny book. It’s probably one of my favorite books that I read in my AP English class senior year. But we all know the reason why it’s such an iconic book—it provides readers with a searing account of militaristic violence and bureaucratic entrenchment in the modern world through its sharp sarcastic undercurrent. To think, then, that the U.S.

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Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum

Located downtown, the Soldiers’ Memorial is often overlooked when one thinks of St. Louis museums. A mere half mile from Union Station, the memorial has served as a testament to the soldiers from Missouri, who, according to the museum’s Web site, “made the supreme sacrifice in the [first] World War.” Its construction is actually a somewhat tragic story.

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Several weeks ago, senior David Dresner approached a military recruitment table at a University career fair, announced that he was gay and asked for an application. He was promptly denied.

The moment was not an extraordinary one.

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Operation supplies: Military Care Package Project in action for WU student

John Coveyou, a Washington University senior serving in Iraq, keeps his connection with the school while fighting half a world away.
Coveyou has been receiving packages from the Military Care Package Project, an organization set up on campus to give student soldiers a taste of college during their tours of duty.

| Contributing Reporter

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