Top three practical trends for guys in fall

| Scene Fashion Columnist

If you’re a guy or you know anything about men’s fashion, you’ll know that recent trends in menswear have been a bit daunting. Spring and summer shows had male models sporting crop tops, man-leggings and other crazy things no guy at Washington University—or elsewhere, for that matter—should wear. Ever. This fall, however, is all about refinement. That can’t be too bad, right? Below are some of the top trends to be mindful of this season.

1. Military-Inspired
This is by no means a novel fall trend, but following the theme of refinement, designers turned to classic shapes and styles. The military/aviator trend in fashion first appeared after World War II and can be achieved simply by wearing an olive, dark-colored jacket or blazer with dark jeans and solid-colored shirts. Simply add black or dark brown combat boots and you’ve got yourself a new, easy-to-wear look. The colors to keep in mind are olive or army green, black, gray and tan. Textures include wool, shearling and leather, and details such as laces on boots, brass hardware on jackets and form-fitting tailoring are key. Burberry and Louis Vuitton are just a few designers embracing this fashion trend. Not only is this an easy trend to adopt (what guy doesn’t like dark colors?), but it will also enhance your masculinity.

2. The Smooth Gentleman
The thought of velvet may bring to mind the image of an older Hugh Heffner-esque guy wearing a velvet dressing coat and smoking a pipe in his wing-backed chair by the fireplace. But that doesn’t mean you’ll end up looking stereotypical by adopting the velvet trend. The easiest way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is by donning a velvet bowtie or a velvet blazer. Sure, this trend was popular last fall; however, the main colors to consider this year are black, navy and deep purple, which are far subtler and more refined. If you’re intimidated by the thought of a full-on blazer and aren’t a bowtie kind of guy, consider purchasing a blazer with velvet lapels. At a more formal event, this is a great way to stand out from a crowd of typical suit blazers or sport coats without looking like a circus freak. Still unsure about this trend? Take inspiration from looks by Perry Ellis.

3. The Ruffian
This trend essentially involves wearing lots of black, leather and chains. The runway looks from the Dsquared2 Fall 2010 show are a good place to start, with the “tough hockey player” theme that permeates the collection. As with the military trend, combat boots are vital to achieving this look. Following along with the general trend of refinement, however, pants and jackets or coats should be slim-fitting and tailored to your body type—in other words, nothing excessively loose or baggy. I would describe this trend as a mix between the 1950s wise guy and a punky look from the 1980s. So how can you, a guy in college, recreate this trend without looking like an extra from Grease? Consider wearing a black v-neck or button-down under a black wool or leather jacket and pairing these with medium wash jeans and black combat boots. It’s edgy without being over the top (maybe consider leaving the chains and eyeliner at home).

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