R.I.P. LouFest 2018: So, that’s why I didn’t get a press pass

A tweet by St. Louis comedian Angela Smith sums up the situation perfectly, drawing a parallel to Joe Edwards’ Loop Trolley disaster: “#LouFest is the Loop Trolley of music festivals.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

LouFest canceled with 3-day notice

The 2018 LouFest music festival was cancelled three days before its intended starting date, the organizers announced Wednesday morning.

| Senior News Editor

LouFest Sunday: And that’s a wrap

If you’ve never boarded a Metro-Link bus while listening to a drunken warbling of “Say it Ain’t So” you have not truly lived.

Such was the scene as LouFest closed Sunday night, and festivalgoers suddenly became painfully aware they had work/school in the morning.

| Staff Writer

LouFest Saturday doesn’t disappoint—if maybe lacking grass

The guitarist tucked his sweater into his pants, the lead singer wore no top but a bolo tie. We all stood on parking lot asphalt and LouFest just felt a bit too much like Warped Tour.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

New LouFestU initiative presents fun possibilities for WU students

In a new initiative geared toward showing St. Louis college students what all the city has to offer them, LouFest will be launching LouFest U this Friday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., the night before the festival’s official start.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Battle of the Headliners: Weezer or Snoop?

It’s that time of the year again: LouFest is taking over Forest Park this weekend for the city’s biggest music festival.

| Music Editor

Judah & the Lion unleashed

lthough LouFest may already seem like a distant memory, the sound and energy of music culture lives on. During the festival, I had the opportunity to sit down with Nate Zuercher, Spencer Cross, Judah Akers and Brian Macdonald of Judah & the Lion and get their take on their rise to stardom and their experience at this particularly muddy year of LouFest.

| Music Editor

The best of the ‘Fest: Cadenza’s picks on who rocked the weekend

The 2016 edition of LouFest may have suffered from mud pits and a severe lack of Beyonce, but there was plenty of great music to be found among both headliners and the less well-known names on the schedule.

LouFest 2016: Down and dirty, emphasis on the dirty

After two days of heavy rain, LouFest 2016 opened Saturday afternoon with the south entrance under water, most of the field destroyed and a solid few inches of mud covering every surface.

and | Music Editors

In defense of the 2016 LouFest lineup

This year’s LouFest comes amidst some grumbles from students, discontented with what they see as an underwhelming lineup—a failed follow-up to last year’s glorious festival. But this year’s LouFest doesn’t deserve the trash talk.

and | Staff Writers

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