Students report increased Islamophobia, antisemitism since latest Israel-Hamas war

In the weeks following the start of the Israel-Hamas war, students at Washington University have reported increased instances of Islamophobia and antisemitism.

| Senior News Editor

Opinion Submission: WashU must divest from Israel’s genocide

Student coalition calls for an October 25th walkout

‘It feels like a facade’: Students chalk driveways and plant signs outside chancellor’s house at protest of Martin’s response to Islamophobia

The protest came nine days after some students went on academic strike, skipping class or attending remotely out of fear for their safety or in solidarity with Muslim, Black and brown students.

and | Staff Reporter and Editor-in-Chief

Opinion Submission: To foster a climate of expression, the chancellor must condemn Islamophobia and defend the right to protest

In 2021, we find ourselves where we were 20 years ago – unable to protest the ‘forever wars’ spawned by 9/11 without being labeled un-American.

| Lecturer in English

Students organize academic strike, citing online threats and criticizing WU’s response to flag removal

Some students stayed away from campus Wednesday in solidarity with others who felt unsafe attending class, due to online Islamophobic threats.

| Managing Editor

Staff Editorial: The University must support its students

The University’s communications this week have shown a clear lack of empathy for its students.

Opinion submission: Liberty and justice for all?

Washington University in St. Louis’ (along with that of local and national community members) treatment of an undergraduate student’s interrupted protest exemplifies the anti-Muslim sentiment that has dramatically increased these past 20 years since 9/11.

| they/them, MSW 2023

Opinion submission: Community statement against Islamophobia

While there may be differing opinions on Fadel’s choice of protest, the subsequent Islamophobic and racist response to his protest was intolerable.

Student groups condemn Islamophobia as College Republicans reiterates calls for Alkilani’s expulsion amid University’s silence on threats

Multiple students groups have condemned the Islamophobic comments and threats following senior Fadel Alkilani’s removal of the flags, while College Republicans have called for his expulsion.

and | Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

Muslim students express fear for their safety on campus following Islamophobic online reactions to flag removal

“Many Muslim and Brown students, particularly those who are visibly identifiable either by their hijab, turbans, etc., do not feel safe on campus and are hesitant to attend classes tomorrow,” read a statement from a coalition of student and student groups.

| Senior Social Media Editor

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