As the presidential election nears, it’s time to take another look at net neutrality

In 2017, Ajit Pai, the chair of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) announced that the FCC would roll back net neutrality rules in order to incentivize investment by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and to increase competition among broadband providers. The upcoming elections give us the opportunity to take another look at net neutrality and see what’s truly best for Americans.

Jonah Williams | Contributing Writer

Eternal life made easy: How the Internet never forgets and why we should remember that

Hi, my name is John Schmidt, and with this sentence, I’ve gained immortality. This column is, so to speak, my philosopher’s stone, my Great American Novel, my legacy. Each time a future employer, romantic interest or curious acquaintance Googles my name, somewhere in the search results this’ll be there, and I’ll be reviewed on Yelp! accordingly because of it.

A hundred billion little bits

Bitcoins have had an interesting history. Created in 2009 as a way to circumvent traditional credit agencies and make online transactions cheaper, they have gone on to be the currency of choice for money launderers, people who wish to purchase illicit items and most recently, speculators. For the uninformed, a bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency.

| Staff Writer

Wi-Fi upgrades planned for select South 40 dorms

Student Technology Services will be upgrading Wi-Fi in six residential halls over winter break. The move, in response to student complaints, is part of a long-term plan to bring the entire Danforth Campus up to wustl-2.0, the school’s fastest wireless Internet provider.

| Editor-in-Chief

Wifi Upgrade

Bowie Chen | Student Life

A dagger of the hive mind

Most Facebook invitations go deservedly ignored, but the announcement by Washington University Tech Entrepreneurial Venture Capital ( that Alexis Ohanian will speak at this school merits consideration. Ohanian co-founded, an increasingly influential website. Though wute.

Washington University protects its brand from porn

What pops up when you search for on the internet? Nothing—and it will stay that way. In response to the upcoming launch of internet “.xxx” domains, the University has preemptively blocked its trademarked names from being scooped up by pornography companies. According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the new .

| News Editor

Don’t censor the Internet

Yesterday, Congress held hearings on the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA), two pieces of legislation introduced in the House and the Senate, respectively, that would drastically change the Internet—and not for the better.

The overlooked risk of technology

The stereotypical classroom scene—kids reading from textbooks or taking notes off their teacher’s writings on a chalkboard—is disappearing. All over the country, schools are beginning to replace textbooks with laptops.

| Staff Columnist

Students voice criticism of campus Wi-Fi in Senate

Many students are still having difficulties accessing wireless Internet on campus, despite continued efforts by Student Technology Services to improve connectivity. At a Student Union Senate meeting Wednesday, students reported having difficulties with Wi-Fi in residence halls, Holmes Lounge, the DUC and the art and architecture schools.

| News Staff

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