Stop animating Black characters as inhuman

Blackness in the media is equated with animalistic behavior and barbarism. The animators’ choice to portray Black characters as less than human, sub-human if you will, reinforces this idea.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Yes, WU junior Jordan Nagai played Russell in Disney-Pixar’s ‘Up.’ And no, he doesn’t mind talking about it.

Jordan Nagai has hiked Mt. Fuji—twice. That’s his go-to fun fact during a typical club icebreaker introduction. Or he might tell you that he’s a second-degree black belt in the martial art form judo, or that he plays piano, guitar and saxophone. What Nagai won’t tell you? That he was the voice actor for Russell, the main character for the enormously popular Pixar movie “Up,” which won Best Animated Feature in 2010.

| Staff Writer

Disney+ finally added Whitney Houston’s ‘Cinderella’ last week. What else are they missing?

Waiting until now to put Whitney Houston’s 1997 Cinderella on Disney+ was a serious misstep that prompted me to think about the other movies and television series that the streaming service is missing.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Live-action ‘Mulan’ provides drama where original provided humor

A big fan of musicals, Senior Cadenza Editor Sabrina Spence expected that the lack of music in the new “Mulan” would be a problem. She was wrong.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Pixar creates reminder to move ‘Onward’ in time of uncertainty

“Onward” is funny, it’s silly but more than that, it touches your heart in a way you wouldn’t expect a story about teenage elves to do.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Valentine’s Day marks the return of the Aristocats’ ValenTunes serendades

A cappella group The Aristocats performed love songs from Disney movies all over campus for their ValenTunes serenade tradition.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

A decade of entertainment: The good, the bad and the special

The 2010s were dominated by the MCU, along with two other franchises that either have come or will come to an end in 2019: “Game of Thrones” and the “Star Wars” movies. Their example is one of how things used to be, not a sign of changing times. As Kylo Ren says in “The Last Jedi,” “Let the past die.”

Matt Singer | Contributing Writer

Disney+ opens the vault for new generations to enjoy

Streaming is—and for the foreseeable future will be—a large part of our day-to-day lives. While there are a healthy number of streaming giants already in the mix, The Walt Disney Company threw their name in the ring with their own streaming service. Disney+ is all Disney, all the time.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WU alum makes dreams come true with Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’

Everyone dreams of making magic happen. At Disney, magic is an everyday occurrence. Growing up, fairy tales and Disney movies were a large part of my childhood, and today they bring back fond memories of simpler times. For Wash. U. alumna Elana Lederman, those memories are made everyday.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Part of our world for 30 years: ‘The Little Mermaid’ celebrates 30th anniversary

30 years ago, Jodi Benson graced the silver screen as the voice behind one of the most recognizable Disney princesses, Ariel—the star of the animated feature film “The Little Mermaid.” In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, Disney and ABC Studios came together Nov. 5 in order to bring us “The Little Mermaid Live!”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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