The College Chef’s Handbook: Making bread from scratch in my dorm

After the chaos of move-in, the monotony of syllabus week, and with a pile of Organic Chemistry problems sitting on my desk, I thought, “What better excuse to do so than to make some bread at 4 o’clock on a random Saturday afternoon?”

| Staff Writer

I survived WashU’s chicken butchering class

Twenty minutes to 6 p.m. on a dark and almost-stormy Thursday evening, armed with only my trusty tote bag, the entire Apple ecosystem, and flanked with all the friends I could drag away from improv auditions, we began the journey: ready to learn the Real Life Skill of butchering a whole chicken.

| Contributing Writer

Our suggestions for combating the winter slump

The end of daylight savings time ushers in some dark and cold months. Scene writers put together a list of things that improve their mood when the weather is getting them down.

WU sophomore Roy Antoine bakes everything from donuts to caramel cake. And then he gives it all away.

With a muscular frame well suited for his sport of choice, rugby, and pursuing a major in mechanical engineering, sophomore Roy Antoine isn’t the person you’d expect to have a soft spot for baking cinnamon rolls. Yet, he does. And Antoine doesn’t just stop there—he’s also fond of whipping up donuts, beignets and caramel cake, to name just a few of his many culinary creations.

| Staff Writer

Matt’s Morsels: Egg-static for omelettes

I’ll be honest: I don’t like breakfast. It mostly stems from my hatred of cereal and milk, but that’s a different fight for a different day. What I do love about breakfast is omelettes. Endlessly customizable and satisfying, omelettes are the blank canvas that early morning food art is made on.

| Staff Columnist

Matt’s Morsels: Steak

Steak is iconic; steak is immortal; steak is love. Instead of shelling out more money than you would on a new pair of Jordans, you can pick up a nice, $30 steak and make someone fall in love with you.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Columnist

Stop ‘cooking’ food, just find something you can eat

Here are some simple cooking rules by which to abide. And by rules I mean things you absolutely should not do.

| Associate Editor

Massage the right side of your brain: Ways to get creative and de-stress

It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things about school, but getting in touch with your creativity can really boost your energy level. Presumably, you’re here because you love learning. Here are some ways to reinvigorate yourself out of the mid-semester slump by tapping into your creative flow.

| Senior Scene Editor

Five different ways to pumpkin

Pumpkins act as great canvases on which to carve images of Mitt Romney and his binders full of women or Amy Poehler dressed up as Tina Fey dressed up as Amy Poehler, but their uses don’t stop there. Rather than throwing out your pumpkin leftovers and innards, consider cooking them into some of the treats below.

Cooking up a dream in St. Louis: Gerard Craft

Just as a painter possesses the intuition to create the perfect brush stroke, so too does a chef use his talent to make braised pig’s head with the same level of refinement. St. Louis’s own Gerard Craft is such an artist, whose work can be seen at his restaurants Niche and Taste by Niche in Benton Park.

| Scene Reporter

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