Women in Finance club aims to bolster support, inclusivity

The Women in Finance club formed this semester to provide an inclusive environment for female undergraduate students interested in finance.

Grace Stohr | Staff Reporter

Olin Business School to offer new minor

The Olin Business School is set to launch a new business of entertainment minor, following a two-year curriculum revision that began in December 2014.

| Staff Reporter

Provost delivers lecture on why universities are not businesses

Provost Holden Thorp spoke about the nuanced intersection between business and university education as part of a lecture series aiming to delve into some of the more complex modern issues in higher education.

Prajwal Keranahalli | Contributing Reporter

Olin Dean Mahendra Gupta steps down, plans to return to teaching and research positions within WU

After over a decade of service as the Dean of the Olin Business School, Mahendra R. Gupta will leave his position to spend more time with his family and to further pursue his interests in research and teaching.

| News Editor

Knight Hall and Bauer Hall open

Too busy studying for GenChem to go explore the new B-School buildings? Student Life has you covered, with 17 photos of the beautiful new building.

Science and finance

In a recent column in the Huffington Post, Amanda Terkel wrote about America’s “Brain Drain,” how graduates in scientific fields work in finance rather than continuing with research. Instead of continuing with scientific research and development, technical majors often end up in the world of finance, working for a Wall Street investment bank.

| Staff Columnist

Dan Senor speaks about Israel’s economic success

An expert on the Israeli economy explained how the small nation has grown into a leading economic power as part of the Assembly Series. Dan Senor, co-author of the bestseller “Start Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle” and adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, spoke Thursday in Graham Chapel.

| Staff Reporter

Styleta: selling designer clothes for charity

Community service is getting a stylish makeover on campus. Yifan Meng is the first campus director of Styleta, a nationwide non-profit organization that sells designer clothes to benefit women’s initiatives.

| Scene Reporter

Going green with Greenvelope

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Did you let your age, experience, knowledge or savings limit you from beginning your own venture? Like many students involved in the Student Entrepreneurial Program here at Washington University, freshman Sam Franklin launched a company that provides online invitations, and he did it from his Seattle home.

| Scene Reporter

Wash. U. alum helps women make it in business

With the winding down of the school year, the job hunt is on. Whether the search is for full-time employment or a meaningful summer experience, Washington University students of all ages are looking to confirm their plans for the future.

| Scene Reporter

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