The College Chef’s Handbook: A dorm-friendly apple pie

Whether you are staying here on campus for Thanksgiving, or if you are going home as well, I trust you’ll find this recipe just as inviting as I do. 

| Staff Writer

Fighting off the winter blues: activities for a chilly day

While the end of fall continues to bless us with alarmingly warm weather, every WashUian knows it’s only a matter of time before the other snow boot drops. If you’re looking for cheap and low-energy things to do — to boost the endorphins that go missing with the sun — I’ve concocted a list of mildly effective remedies for fighting off the “blah” and the creeping longing for hibernation. 

| Senior Forum Editor

The College Chef’s Handbook: Birthday cake

I took on another cooking project. I decided to bake an entire birthday cake — completely from scratch — in our dorm kitchen. 

| Staff Writer

First-year food: four keys to dorm cooking, everyday staples, and must-have items

While food probably isn’t your priority right now, as a rising sophomore, I find myself looking back on my first year wishing I knew more about WashU food and dorm cooking last fall.

| Staff Writer

WU sophomore Roy Antoine bakes everything from donuts to caramel cake. And then he gives it all away.

With a muscular frame well suited for his sport of choice, rugby, and pursuing a major in mechanical engineering, sophomore Roy Antoine isn’t the person you’d expect to have a soft spot for baking cinnamon rolls. Yet, he does. And Antoine doesn’t just stop there—he’s also fond of whipping up donuts, beignets and caramel cake, to name just a few of his many culinary creations.

| Staff Writer

Sweet Success: Freshmen turns passion into Profession

Handmade crafts and pictures of her two dogs Buddy and Jake color her dorm room walls, but perhaps the most prominent feature is the photo of a perfectly sculpted Sonic the Hedgehog cake—a cake of her own creation.

Mia Kweskin | Contributing Reporter

Cooking with Copy: Passover desserts

That dietary restrictive time of year is upon us again. No, not swimsuit season … Passover! We know that this week can get monotonous if you’re not creative, and while neither of us is keeping Passover, we thought we would do a special article to help mix up the usual offerings.


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